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  1. rjay

    What was everyone's first setup?

    94 Dodge Shadow Blaupunkt HU Rockwood Amp (burned up in 3months!) Two 12" RF Punch subs in bandpass box that barely fit in the trunk
  2. May my Boss amp prove you wrong.
  3. I put this in the general discussion a while back, but didn't get a response so hopefully in here will yield better results. I am needing someone to build me a small sealed box for a single 10" sub to go behind the driver side back seat in my 11 Dakota quad cab. Box doesn't even need to be carpeted and would probably be an easy build, but unfortunately I am not that skilled at carpentry, specially a box that's not completely squared! If interested please let me know, or if you know some one in the area. I would like to get a quote and get this done asap. Thanks
  4. rjay

    Box Builder in OKC

    Anyone know of a reputable box builder in or around the Oklahoma City area? I'm unfortunately no good at it! I am needing a small sealed box built for a single 10", to go behind the back seat in a 2011 Dakota quad cab.
  5. rjay

    Run new speaker wire?

    I have done it that on a few different installs of mine and never had any issues. The most power I ran on the factory speaker wire was 75w per channel though, so not sure if the 100w of yours would be pushing it or not. I think you would be okay to leave it.
  6. rjay

    Best 8" SQ sub opinion

    They were in a smalled sealed enclosure, don't remember exact airspace but it would of been around the minimum required since I was trying to save as much space as possible. For SQ I thought they performed very well for what they were, they seemed to handle a good range of frequencies even at a higher volume. I'm not sure what subs to really compare them to though, but I can say they are definetly worth the money and trying them out! That's one of the things with audio; what sounds good and clean to me and others, may not impress you at all! I know I've gone through numerous subs to find the "perfect one" for me, but as you will probably find out (if you don't know already) is you will get one that sounds great and then get content with it and want something more, that's usually what happens!
  7. rjay

    Best 8" SQ sub opinion

    Agree, the JBL GTO 8 is great for the price. I had two of them running off of 500 watts and they handled it nicely, I was extremely satisfied with them!
  8. rjay

    What is RMS rating of sony xplod 1000w?

    1000W max power 165W x 2, 20Hz - 20kHz, @ 0.04% THD + N, at 4 Ohms 200W x 2, 20 - 20kHz, @ 0.15% THD + N, at 2 Ohms 400W x 1, 20Hz - 20kHz, @ 0.1% THD + N, at 4 Ohms This is from Sony's website
  9. rjay

    SQ Subs - Adding some quality bass

    IDQ10v3 is what I have and love it. Also ran Boston G3 (10 and 12) and they are great subs as well. If remembering correctly the Bostons require a little more mounting depth (around 1" to 1.5") but they both require minimal air space which is nice when trying to save room in the trunk!
  10. rjay

    Looking for the right 5 channel amp

    I've been running the Rockford Fosgate P1000x5d and have been pleased with it. It's fairly small and provides enough power for me; 75 watts x 4 for speakers (4 ohm) and 500 watts x 1 for sub (2 ohm). Don't know if it would be the power you are looking for, but if so it seems to be a decent amp, cost around $300 online (I think).
  11. rjay

    fixing melted V.C. on alpine type r

    You mean this!
  12. Thanks for the responses, I will play around with this weekend and see how it goes.
  13. So do you think I would be better off leaving it as is with 75w to each component? I'm just suprised on how much better the Boston's sounded vs these CDT's (to me anyways). I was under the impression that these were supposed to be some baddazz components! So I was thinking they just needed more power or something. I really want to keep everything being ran by a 5 channel amp, thought about getting the Alpine PDX-V9 for the extra power (before I realized the bridging options on the RF amp) but if 75 watts should be doing the trick then I will keep what I got.