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  1. rjay

    Compact Handgun

    Primary carry for me is Glock 23 and then LCP when I am out running or something.
  2. rjay

    Any real caraudio.com veterans still on?

    Got a reminder set in 30 years to revive this thread and post for the win at 67. Assuming this POS forum will still be running:uhoh:
  3. rjay

    work out songs......

    Disturbed - voices
  4. rjay

    What was everyone's first setup?

    94 Dodge Shadow Blaupunkt HU Rockwood Amp (burned up in 3months!) Two 12" RF Punch subs in bandpass box that barely fit in the trunk
  5. rjay

    Anyone else watch Ozark on netflix

    Yes, i thought it was really good and can't wait for the second season.
  6. rjay

    What happened to this site?

    Sundown rulz
  7. rjay

    Want To Buy Reviews

    Must admit, the avatar pic was the only reason I read all the posts!
  8. rjay

    What song are you listening to right now?

    you me at six - Room to breathe
  9. rjay

    Team Gates