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    Hey my name is Jordan. I am 18. I live in Glendale Heights Il and am going to school to be a mechanic. I have a girlfriend who is flat out more awsome then you.
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    Jordan Vail
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    Glendale Heights, Illinois
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    In school to be a Mechanic
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    Music, Car Audio Systems, Friendship, Family A husband and wife were trying to set up a new password for their computer. Her husband put 'mypenis' and the wife fell on the ground laughing cause it said,
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    2 12 inch Kenwood KFC Competitions Running off of a Kenwood 9105 D Amplifier
  1. jvailz24

    Kenwood KAC-8105D

    Very well written Review man. I have noticed the overheating wiht my KAC 9105D. How do you deal wiht taht problem on yours?
  2. jvailz24

    Rays electronics in addison

    Best shop i have been in since I moved down here. Redline in Roselle sucks the owner is a complete ass and talks shit about anyones system who gose in there. Example My buddy went in with 2 18 inch Incriminator Deathrows that hit a 157 on street music and he was calling the system complete crap.
  3. jvailz24

    Battle of the 15 inches

    Have you tried any Deathrow Incriminator 15s or a Lanzar Opti Drive 15?