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  1. sizzl3r

    Bypassing Factory Amp

    Well the amp not being turned on is definitely the issue. I took it to a somewhat professional...He couldnt do much. Everywhere I've read said that the remote wire for this factory amp is "the pink one under the steering column"... there's probably 20+ pink wires, so he went in with a volt meter and tried to find one that had no power when the car was off & on, but with no luck. Turns out the harness is known to be faulty...we're really hoping thats the issue because I've never been more lost in an install before. Since we bought the harness from bestbuy, we're gonna take it to them and have them look at it since it was faulty. Shouldnt charge us anything since its their problem. Unless anyone has any other suggestions, I'll be taking the best buy walk of shame within the week. :P
  2. sizzl3r

    Bypassing Factory Amp

    Went and bought the adapter ^. Soldered everything and we still have no sound. Could really use some help now...
  3. This was the first one i've seen. Science I'll definitely check them out.
  4. lol **** my bad. This thread absolutely failed. I just liked the build is all.
  5. sizzl3r

    Bypassing Factory Amp

    I have no idea where the remote wire is :P Checked online and people said it was a pink one but I dont see a pink one in here.
  6. How much do you think this would cost? This is just awesome. Clean as hell. This needs more attention.
  7. sizzl3r

    Bypassing Factory Amp

    Whats up /gen I'm helping a friend install a new HU in his 2004 Trailblazer. I've done enough HU install's before for this to be pretty easy. Got everything soldered and connected, and even fed a remote wire to an ignition fuse because his ignition on the harness wasn't getting any power. Got everything working except the deck doesn't play sound. Checked fuses and all are good. I realized that he probably had the Bose system in his car, and looked online and saw that people were buying special harnesses for their trailblazers. awesome I think I know what the problem is though. The factory amp he has in there is what powers the speakers, and since it isn't being powered on anymore, there wont be any sound coming out of the speakers. I just need to figure out how to tap into the remote wire of the factory amp so turn it on. I read through a few forums and people are saying its a pink wire in the factory harness, but I checked and there is not a pink wire to be seen. I'm wondering if anyone has experience in bypassing factory amps? Shouldnt be this hard but I'm stressing over it. No one wants to spend an extra $100 on this surprise harness.
  8. sizzl3r

    Deck turns on, plays no sound anymore

    His car did have somewhat of a stock system. The suburbans had an 8'' factory sub in the back. He had subs installed without taking out the factory deck. Is there is an issue here? I highly doubt it's the wiring. Connections were secure and showing no wire.
  9. I was installing a new deck (some cheap Dual from Walmart)into my friends 2001 suburban last night. After I got all of the wires spliced together, I plugged in the deck real quick just to make sure it was working. It played music just fine, and his subs/amp turned on and were working. So I unplugged the deck to assemble the dash kit, and when I put it in the 2nd time and turned it on, no sound came out. I thought maybe a wire came loose but when I pulled it out, everything was in tact. I fiddled around with the deck but couldn't get sound to come out. I assumed it was probably a bad deck since he bought the cheapest one he could find. So my friend took it back to the store and some how managed to return it and get his money back in exchange for a JVC deck. We took it back, wired everything up, plugged it in to test it, it worked 100%, unplugged to put it in the dash and when we turn it on, it doesn't play sound. Seriously, what's going on? This can't be 2 bad decks in a row. I really need help on this one, my friend is pissed that he spent all this money on this and it's not working. Thanks
  10. I'm gonna be helping my friend install a system in his 2003 Trailblazer. I've done installs before but he has onstar, and I've heard it can be a pain to bypass... I'd like to keep all the chimes ect in the car. He said if Onstar doesn't work, that's fine. Do I have to buy a special harness or do anything weird to get around this?
  11. sizzl3r

    Mechanical noises at lower notes?

    So I found a guy on CL who has a box that he'd trade for mine. I'm a little hesitant. Has anyone heard of "Hooker audio"? its a 12'' ported box and has the logo "hooker" on it. Can't find too much on this! Anyone else know? I suppose I could go buy a box but I'm pretty frugal.
  12. sizzl3r

    Mechanical noises at lower notes?

    I couldnt find any info about this box, where are you finding this? Alright, looks like i'm gonna be getting a new box.
  13. sizzl3r

    Mechanical noises at lower notes?

    I'll definitely look into getting a different box. What is considered high for you? is 38hz high?
  14. sizzl3r

    Mechanical noises at lower notes?

    I'm not sure the specs on the box, but I know the sub is massive. Does the box look too big to you?
  15. Sup guys I purchased a 12'' Orion H2 12.4 off CL for an absolute steal. Specs online say 2000 RMS...this sub is massive. Orion H2-12.4 (orih2124) 12" Dual 4 Ohms Subwoofer I'm just running an MTX 600 XD to it right now, feeding it 600rms. Sub sounds great, except on lows. It makes a weird mechanical sound when its low...almost as if its bottoming out. My gain is set a little less then half and my bass boost is exactly half. It does have a HUGE port so I'm not sure if its that. The guy who I bought it from said he hadn't used the sub for like 2 years, so could it be age? It sounds incredible, but just not on certain lows. Any help would be great. Thanks