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  1. DonWan

    Digital Designs DDT-28's

    Yeah I have a pair just wondering what you thought of them..
  2. DonWan

    Digital Designs DDT-28's

    How did you like the sound of these?
  3. gotta make a video of this sub when you put it to work . I was debating on buying it as well when Jacob had it for sale..
  4. I've seen this done, Twistedchild had one of these on his videos, let me see if I can find it, it was bossss
  5. DonWan

    Is this a good trade?

    I would say nah!!
  6. DonWan

    1500x1 @ 1 ohm Amp

    just realized this was posted 4 months ago :/
  7. DonWan

    1500x1 @ 1 ohm Amp

    MB quart 1500x1D does 1500 RMS come on man!! you gotta have the electrical though good amp I own one.
  8. DonWan

    Talk me out of buying this

    Email twisted he is a supporting member of there's and can get anything you want.. Here's his email.... Twisted@crescendoaudio.com
  9. DonWan

    Lets See Whos In CO!

    I love Colorado I've only been there once but enjoyed it how's the economy there?
  10. **** it I just bought one of these, oh well.. Good amp
  11. DonWan

    am i close to blowing my speakers?

    That's my assumption, and I said "MAY HAVE A BLOWN SPEAKER" hence that may doesn't mean 100% sure...
  12. DonWan

    am i close to blowing my speakers?

    I don't know without seeing it myself and knowing more but does sounds like you may have blow a speaker,
  13. **** I want this deck..I have a DVD/CD player and I thought I would use it and decided nahhh..lol
  14. DonWan

    am i close to blowing my speakers?

    there you go.your in the right thread now... like I asked what is it coming from speaker,sub? do you have a amp? if just speakers are they ran from the deck? gotta know a lot more,the more info the better