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  1. BlactimusCrime

    Woofer Help

    I would recommend the Sundowns, they are great woofers.... and although you didnt ask, the DD's are great as well.
  2. BlactimusCrime

    FS: 55ah DEKA batts

    Youve been saying that for months now lol. Its got a red top in it already
  3. BlactimusCrime

    FS: 55ah DEKA batts

    sorry bro, i think its going in my subi
  4. BlactimusCrime

    FS: 55ah DEKA batts

    GTFO Mike Lane!
  5. (2) 4" ports do not equal (1) 8" port, 2*3.14*2^2= 25.12 square inches for the (2) 4" ports 1*3.14*4^2= 50.24 square inches for the (1) 8" port A single 6" port would give you close to the same port area (28.26")
  6. BlactimusCrime

    Dodge 2500 underseat Build

    get a metal bar that size, drill the correct size hole in it, weld plates on the bottom of the new bar that will fit over the existing post like a saddle on a horses back.
  7. BlactimusCrime

    Last Thoughts?

    the general rule is to use 9-16 square inches of port per cube depending on type of port, but you dial in on that number using the t/s parameters
  8. BlactimusCrime

    15" TC LMS-R Dual 2

    im interested if i can somehow cram the 15 box i have in the trunk of my WRX lol
  9. BlactimusCrime

    15" TC LMS-R Dual 2

    Will these take more than rated TJ?
  10. BlactimusCrime

    150 db and 50 mpg!!

    and the comments weren't even that negative... wow.
  11. BlactimusCrime

    Help with amp settings

    get a small monoblock that is rated for 1 ohm or a decent 2 channel bridgable amp that is stable for 2ohm per channel (most are) Maybe something like this AB ph1600
  12. BlactimusCrime

    Help with amp settings

    this question has been asked over and over. did you guys use the search bar?
  13. BlactimusCrime

    rip snoop Dan..

    Yeah... Already started this thread bro...
  14. BlactimusCrime

    (2) Sundown ZV3 10's D2 $350

    thats cool man, i understand. i think 18s are out of season lol