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  1. moparerrnocar

    Mounting diameter for Sundown X12

    Can someone tell me the mounting diameter of the X12 basket? Preferably for a snug fit.
  2. moparerrnocar

    Anyone using Quick Start alternators

    CS130s are 4 pin, identical to the AD244. The AD244 will put out more at idle then any CS144/CS130 and last longer plain simple. Im guessing you have 1 or 2 auxiliary batts. I don't have the room or afford the weight.
  3. moparerrnocar

    Anyone using Quick Start alternators

    Id rather run the AD244 over the CS130 its a much larger, more efficient and reliable unit. The AD244 is the stock alt for the 00-03 Tahoes and burbans.
  4. moparerrnocar

    Anyone using Quick Start alternators

    Id just be scared of accidentally over volting and frying my electrical. Its a 97 pontiac grand prix. Quick start sells an adaptor mount for the AD244 to mount to the 3.8L.
  5. moparerrnocar

    Anyone using Quick Start alternators

    Not sure if the AD244 is internal or external. I do have a Diehard platinum AGM with 0awg big 3.
  6. Wondering if anyone has any experience with these guys. The seem to build quality units, they even list the brand and or source of parts. Most everything is made in the US (accept the bearings, NTN, which is what GM uses). They use heavy duty cooper rectifiers. The 250 and up requires their external rectifier which I don't want to hassle with. The 200a is $300 which seems like a great deal. However for some reason I can't find ANY reviews or info, so Im skeptical. The other thing is Im not sure a 200 will be big enough for my needs. I'll be feeding 2500-3000 watts, nothing major, but I won't be using any auxiliary batts either. Will a 200 be enough, or should I opt for a 250-270? If its not I'll pay the extra and go with DC or Mechman since the 250a w/ external rectifier is $430, and I don't wanna deal with the external bridge. CS130, CS130D, AD230 AD244 High Output Alternator Upgrade alternator parts System will be a SAZ 2500 on a 12" Sundown X D2 and a 500w ab 4ch. I eventually plan to upgrade to either a 12" or 15" Zv4.
  7. moparerrnocar

    Port area (((aero vs slot)))

    Ahhem... Anyone
  8. I finally have time to build a box for my two 12" type Rs. Ideally Id like to use aero ports, however I only have room for one 6" aero which really limits me on port area. My box dimensions can't be bigger then 20x36x13 and with a 6"x13" port I'll have 4cu @ 33Hz with 7" of port area. I read the general rule is 9-12 for aero 14-16 for slot. I don't have the room to meet either requirements. If I build a slot port, in order not to sacrifice too much vol, my port area will be around 12". So its either aero: 4cu @ 33 w/ 7" Or slot: (24x3.5x11.5) 3.38cu @ 33 w/ 12" Its a trunk application with only 1500rms. Id prefer aero for simplicity and weight. Need some ideas guys.
  9. moparerrnocar

    6" or 8" port? (two 12" type Rs)

    Idk what Im thinking, I don't even have room for an 8" port... So much for that idea.
  10. moparerrnocar

    6" or 8" port? (two 12" type Rs)

    Yeah,... Anyone with experience care to help. No offense N8scow, but you clearly have no experience or knowledge with type Rs. Firstly, I never mentioned the gen or model so you just assumed they where the 3rd gen or older (2010-older). I have the 4th gen 600rms (2011). Type Rs are always way under rated. They are well known to take 1000rms daily. The new 5th gen handle 1000rms and are basically the same woofer mechanicaly. Secondly, type Rs like 2-2.5 cubes. You can argue, but alpine (like most popular manufactures) spec their subs for a wide range of vehicles and listeners thus the small box and high frequency. Ftr, type Rs take beating, I've been clipping the **** out of mine w/ dirty power for two years running. They still sound great, but begging for more power and or efficiency.
  11. Im trying to decide if I should do a 6 or an 8... The box is 23x36x12 going in a 97 grand prix with only 1500 rms. Being as I don't know what frequency I like most since I have such a diverse taste in music, my plan is to build the biggest box I can and then experiment with different length aeros. I'll probably be making my own from pvc.Originally my plan was to make two 6" ports that adjust 2" (coupler), one 12-10 (32-34hz), and the other 8-6 (36-39hz). The 6" gives me 6" per foot, will this be enough? 8 gives me 11.5"-12" per foot. Only issue with the 8" is it has to be twice the length and requires a 90 and a lot of volume and wouldn't be as easily adjustable. The 8" would have to be 28-23 (32-34hz) and 19-15 (36-39hz), in terms of adjustability that range won't be possible w/o making 3-4 ports. I realize I can just keep cutting it shorter, but Id like to be able to go back and forth to see the difference. The second concern is volume, the 6" nets me 4.5-4.7 (12"-6") but the 8 nets me 3.9-4.3. My goal for this box is to increase my efficiency w/ added output. Currently running 3^3 @ 42hz w/ 11.5 per foot. Its way too boomy and horribly inefficient, I get some pretty bad voltage drop with my diehard platinum agm bat and 0awg and factory 105amp alt. I planed to upgrade to an ho alt, but Im hoping a new box will reach the mechanical limits b4 current limits. How much difference will 1/2 cube and 6" of port area make? What's better for my intentions, big box small area or slightly smaller box with twice the area, and why? Thanks Sorry for such a long post btw....
  12. moparerrnocar

    Type R port area

    Ok that makes sense, I knew it was less but not half, crazy. So would a 6x12 be @ 32? Not to sound lazy, but where does a guy buy aeros? All I can find is 3". Thanks for the help buck Edit: Maybe Im doing something wrong or 12volt expects you to know your port displacement. Id think you'd enter your gross volume, but when I put in 6" port 4.79 @ 31.8 I get 11.2. If I put in the net volume (according to BTC with a 12" port) of 4.58 It says I need a 12" port. I take it as 12volt doesn't determine port displacement. What good is that? It should specify to put in net volume and not gross. Unless Im doing it wrong...
  13. moparerrnocar

    Type R port area

    I just realized aeros are impossible to find :/. I guess I could make same from glass but ****. Why are these such a rare commodity? Not sure how to calculate the flare and what not. If I want a 6" aero, its obviously 6 in the middle but what size should the ends be, 8? Or do you only flare the one end?
  14. moparerrnocar

    Type R port area

    I really hate to have two of the same threads but oh well lol. Im not familiar with aeros, but using the Box Tuning Calculator (BTC) app with the same box dimensions, x1 6x12 = 4.58 @ 31.8 w/6.17 x2 4x10 = 4.63 @ 32.16 w/ 2.71 Does that even sound right? Seams the port area per cube is way too small. How is there that much difference between two 4's and one 6? The app is accurate to 12volt, however 12v doesn't give area.