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  1. ryanthie

    SS Rubicon 2500d vs 2 Apsm 2ks

    Probably won't notice much difference between them. And the Soundstream is better quality IMO
  2. The reason I suggested the Crescendos is for the quality you do get for the price. But they're only available in 6.5's for the Mezzo series.
  3. ryanthie

    RCA output jacks to amp question

    It wouldn't work, it would be like taking the speaker wires from say a left and right output and trying to power one speaker. It would just short out because you're putting two outputs together. What you're trying to do, in a sense, is bridge the RCAs and it doesn't work that way.
  4. ryanthie

    Which Subwoofer?

    Switching one more than likely wouldn't make a noticeable difference and you'll just have mix matched subwoofers. I'd just stick with the two Kickers rather than one of each
  5. ryanthie

    Crescendo Audio Mezzo 6.5

    I'm surprised nobody responded to this... I have a set in my car. They sound incredible. I ordered mine from Sky High Car Audio. They gave me a better price than going straight through Crescendo, too. I'm going to be ordering a second set to put in my car, and probably going to put a set into my truck as well. I definitely recommend them! I've had them in since about a week after they finished the tweeters.
  6. The Phoenix Gold Elite series 6.5 components sound nice really nice, a buddy of mine has a set in his 350z. The Crescendo Mezzo 6.5 components sound great too, but the tweeter is really deep so I'm not sure if it would fit in a factory location
  7. ryanthie

    Sound deadening trunk lid question

    Yes, I plan on doing my doors with what I don't use on the trunk. I don't get any actual visible roof flex that I know of. But when I get the deadener in the trunk, it might. My trunk flex is retarded. Feel like the **** lid is going to fall off
  8. ryanthie

    Sound deadening trunk lid question

    [quote name='calebkhill']@ryanthie; how many sq ft do you have[/QUOTE] I ordered 40sq ft of AT 80mil. So I have plenty. And I don't really think using a bit more to be "wasteful" to the guys that have said that. I have an 18" firing up, port firing into the driver side. I want to get it done right. I'll start with the flat areas and add more as needed and maybe a little extra, but I surely won't be wasting anything. I'd rather have too much than not enough. And 40sq ft to do the trunk of a Mazda Protege should be plenty. Like I said, I just want to know I did the best job deadening as I could.
  9. ryanthie

    Sound deadening trunk lid question

    Getting rid of metal on metal rattle Most of my lid has flat surfaces and the only rounded areas aren't too large really. Though knowing that will save me deadener to put in my doors though.. bottom of my trunk has quite a few rounded areas.
  10. ryanthie

    Sound deadening trunk lid question

    Yeah I figured as much, just making sure so I don't waste deadener. Should I also put deadener over the hole as well or just on the metal?
  11. I know you should deaden as much as you can, but I have a little question about my car. '03 Protege. It has spots in the trunk lid that are gapped for license plate lights and bolts. Question is, should I deaden the metal inside the gap where I can reach, or will deadening over the holes be sufficient enough?
  12. Loud and boost are both off. I'll try backing off the gain and see if that helps me at all.. I just think it's weird that it's only one speaker doing this, the driver side doesn't have any popping sound whatsoever.
  13. I have the HU set at 100hz I believe, and the amp's HPF isn't adjustable, it's 80hz. If the high pass on the HU affects the RCAs I can set it to as high as 150.
  14. ryanthie

    Type R vs Obsidian vs RE S*X

    I'll have to vote for Obsidian, though I have no experience with RE.
  15. So I have a popping noise coming from my front passenger door speaker. I had it slightly on certain songs before adding my mids amp. It is now more noticeable, so I know it wasn't from the amp clipping. Wiring connections seem to be fine. Seems to only come from the one speaker. Sounds great up to about 27 on HU volume, 30 is where I have my gains set at. Only seems to happen on songs that are "busy" so to speak, like rock songs with more of the higher frequencies, along with lower frequencies, and so forth. Equipment is listed in sig. I'm really hoping the speaker isn't the problem.