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    Fourth year competing and still learning new stuff every week.
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    car audio competitions
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    Alpine Deck, running two HDC3-15's on a AB 1100.1 with two XS 3100's in the back. High score 155.0
  1. Ranalli

    HUGE box for dual 15 36hz tripple areo

    What did you get for numbers off this box? I run a blazer too and my best scores are tuned aroud 50hz. Ran a box just about same specs but with a single 10" aero and was in the 154's tuned to 50.
  2. Ranalli

    crossfire xs 8k

    Unless you clamp them in the same vehicle with same setup they will be different in power. Nice amp though. I would also love to have one over my AB 1100.1 just so it matched my xs subs too. GLWS
  3. Ranalli


    Ok he is now restricted on caco and another member come forward with the same exact BS storie on a trade with him that went bad. I know this wont stop him because he'll probably just open another account under a different screen name. But hopefully it helps a little to keep him from scamming other members.
  4. Ranalli


    It shouldn't come back to you becase your not the one doing the scamming. This guy has scammed a few people from what I'm hearing. You are actually the third person that got in touch with me. And I appreciate you giving me the heads up on the trade with him. And others should too if it keeps them from getting scammed from him. And there is a buyer beware up on him over on Caco. I hope this helps others to not fall for his BS. Thanks Bro
  5. Ranalli


    This is true. We have a trade agreement on Caco which he did not forfill on his end. I've been waiting and texting him giving him more than enough time to redeem himself but, he just keeps blowing me off and not anwering. I even used a different phone to text him about the subs he was selling and he answered right away. We texted back and forth about them until I told him who I was and then, he never answered back again. I texted him several times telling him that I was going to start a buyer beware thread if he didn't reply but still no responce. So I will be putting up a buyer beware thread over on caco about him. I have done many deals on audio forums and never had a problem until now.
  6. Got a soundstream XXX 4000-D. PM me if interested.
  7. Ranalli

    FOUR 12" T1 D4's

    Two sold and two left.
  8. Ranalli

    FOUR 12" T1 D4's

    Been trying to change title and it wont let in to edit post. These subs D2's not D4's incase some is interested. when I baught them in the box I was told they where d4's and I thaught I was wired at 2 ohm but upon pulling the subs to send someone pictures found out they where d2's so I was wired at 1 ohm. Cant edit for sum reason.
  9. Ranalli

    FOUR 12" T1 D4's

    Deal fell through so back up for sale. Will sell in pairs too but wont be as cheap.
  10. Ranalli

    FOUR 12" T1 D4's

    Sale pending
  11. Ranalli

    FOUR 12" T1 D4's

    Thats like a 18 hour drive. lol
  12. Ranalli

    FOUR 12" T1 D4's

    $400 for just subs. WILL NOT SHIP! PICK UP ONLY!
  13. Ranalli

    FOUR 12" T1 D4's

    Will be in Massena NY all day doing demo's with these on a 2k if anyone in the area is interested hit me up with a text.