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  1. rangerboy101

    FS/FT 2 Sundown Audio sa-15 D4

    You guys are ridiculous. Read the thread. Decided to keep them for now.
  2. rangerboy101

    FS/FT 2 Sundown Audio sa-15 D4

    Changed my mind for now.. doing a new box build before I give up on them haha sorry guys. Feel free to delete this thread if necessary.
  3. rangerboy101

    FS/FT 2 Sundown Audio sa-15 D4

    Updated original post. Kind of picky on my trades. Prefer to trade them both
  4. Item(s) for Sale: Two D4 Sundown sa15's Item(s) Description/Condition: Had the subs for a little over a year now. Powered by a MB Quart DSC2000. Looking for a little more room in my Ranger so I'm dropping down to some 12's. Mech: 10/10 Cosm: 9/10 Currently undecided on my next setup but I'm looking to trade either straight up for some Skar 12's or some DC LVL 4's+cash.(Big difference in subs I know. Currently undecided lol) Price: $175/ea+shipping Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Item Pictures: Give me 24hrs and I'll have pics
  5. rangerboy101

    Deal of the day?

    It wasn't a scam. Got it all for $70 shipped. Amp doesn't work though. I'm going to look into getting it fixed then sell it.
  6. rangerboy101

    Deal of the day?

    16 views and one groan and nobody can tell me if I should buy this or not? LOL I'm getting it anyways.
  7. rangerboy101

    Deal of the day?

    ED Nine.1 and two ED 13kv's for $70 shipped. Good deal? Lol should I buy it?
  8. rangerboy101

    .67 stable mono amp

    Might as well buy the AP1800. Not much more.
  9. I did read that. He's saying if it were the same amp and it were designed to put out the same power at two different impedance, it would have the same draw. I'm saying, two different amps. One rated at 1k at 1 ohm, and one rated at 1k at 2 ohm. Wouldn't the one rated at 1k at 1 ohm draw more current? I know this is dumb but I'm just trying to learn about it...
  10. I'm not disagreeing with any of it. I'm just thinking the theory I've known all along is way off lol
  11. lol explain my wrongness please.
  12. Correct. I guess what I'm saying is, he will need a stronger electrical system for an amp putting out 1,500w at 1 ohm vs an amp putting out 1,500w at 4 ohm. Right? Or am I way off here?
  13. If the ohm load is higher (4 ohm vs 1 ohm) it would be less of a draw on your electrical. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong here?
  14. rangerboy101

    Team Cactus 7kw in the Saleen....

    There should be a rule against starting new build logs without finishing other ones.