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    former military, searching for the ever elusive "perfect" sound...you know where it is?
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    william lewis
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    car audio, martial arts, my family
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    SI hst12mkll, IA 20.1, Bose 10speaker audio

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  1. macsdad

    Sub recommendations

    You are correct, but it's Jacob, and their shops share areas. Nick sources from Jacob, but builds for tiny sealed boxes, the hst18 can do either sealed or ported, while the 11 and 12 inch versions are for sealed. If I am not mistaken, the hst15 can be designed for ported as well. The SI HST brand was initially for home theatre, but folks like me introduce them to the car audio world.
  2. macsdad

    Random Picture Thread

    Is this their Birmingham Al show from last night? I saw them a few years ago when I worked at Rupp Arena in Lexington Ky. They put on a very entertaining show.
  3. macsdad

    Sub recommendations

    I like the stereo integrity hst18mklll, used to have one, had Nick rebuild it into his 12inch version for my new car.
  4. macsdad

    Random Picture Thread

    When I do this, I mix them together prior to cooking them.
  5. macsdad

    Random Picture Thread

    What the f**k is this?
  6. macsdad

    Random Picture Thread

    She is a tad bit thin in the back side, but I am diggin them shoes though.
  7. macsdad

    Censorship vs. Lack of Support

    You as well, brosammich.
  8. macsdad

    Censorship vs. Lack of Support

    I am a veteran as well dude, I am in agreement with this statement @ciaonzo
  9. macsdad

    Which Brand??

    You got that right dude. He would have to use their shallow mount though.
  10. macsdad

    Random Picture Thread

    I got the diabetes for my 50th bday. I have tried a few boner drugs, not very mush success, but like I said, the tongue don't need no help.
  11. macsdad

    Welcome back

    My feedback rating is gone.
  12. macsdad

    Welcome back

    Sure did. I was of the mind that this forum had finally died.
  13. macsdad

    So many factors, NEED help.

    A 700 watt sub, or even a 600 watt sub would be fine on an 1100 watt amp. It will create headroom, simply set the gain to provide that 600 or 700 watts. I ran a level 4 12 in the past, as I was pleased with the sound that it produced. There may be an improvement going from 2 tens in too small of an enclosure, to one 10 in the proper sized one, you actually may need to get another enclosure to ensure a positive outcome though.
  14. macsdad

    Random Picture Thread

    No lie Slo, thanks to this diabetes medicine, it is much easier for my tongue to get hard dude.