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  1. macsdad

    Which Brand??

    You got that right dude. He would have to use their shallow mount though.
  2. macsdad

    So many factors, NEED help.

    A 700 watt sub, or even a 600 watt sub would be fine on an 1100 watt amp. It will create headroom, simply set the gain to provide that 600 or 700 watts. I ran a level 4 12 in the past, as I was pleased with the sound that it produced. There may be an improvement going from 2 tens in too small of an enclosure, to one 10 in the proper sized one, you actually may need to get another enclosure to ensure a positive outcome though.
  3. macsdad

    Single 12" / Amplifier $400 Budget

    I'm sorry. I did not know that they were prone to noise, my SRX is pretty quiet on the inside.
  4. macsdad

    Help with box size

    You are going to need d4 subs to achieve final 1ohm load.
  5. macsdad

    Single 12" / Amplifier $400 Budget

    A good thing about Cadillac's is they are pretty well damped OEM, due to them being luxury cars. I can turn the volume up to 40 in my SRX, and with the doors closed and windows up there is very little rattle, and that comes from the over-hang above the rear window. I had a crazy rattle, realized it was the door for the ski-pass, leave it open, no more rattle. But you still may need to add a little to your trunk lid dude.
  6. macsdad

    A little test fitting before install

    Good to see the box jedi is still at it, I have used several of his enclosures. For his quality, attention to detail, and customer service (pics of the progress of the box build) he could charge a lot more. The best box that got from him was a kerf port, for a RE Audio PSI reconed MT 15, at 31hrtz, it made my sunglasses move.
  7. macsdad

    Best SQL Woofers?

    Get an SSA F8L 8, .5 after displacement, tuned at maybe 32hrtz, maybe around 1 cuft gross maybe a lil more? With the amp that you have, just don't be ham fisted with the gain control.
  8. macsdad

    Best SQL Woofers?

    No, you're just over analyzing.
  9. macsdad

    Dayton DSP first looks

    That is a very nice price, may have to get one. I hope it stays at this price, and doesn't increase with popularity.
  10. macsdad

    Should I Use A Passive Radiator

    What car? You may be better of with a set of 8's, in a proper sized box they will blow away those strangled 10's
  11. macsdad

    Should I Use A Passive Radiator

    Even if you are able to find a passive radiator, your enclosure will still be too small dude. And the enclosure would have to be a single chamber, as well.
  12. macsdad

    Dayton DSP first looks

    How much? I just may have to do some honey-do schit so that I can snag one, if they are not too proud of it any way.
  13. macsdad

    Any decent 6x9 midrange speakers?

    A 6x9 is going to give mid-bass, look at the frequency response on them. Call them and tell them what you are looking for, they will help you choose what will work for you.
  14. macsdad

    Adire Audio is back!

    Now that is a good looking subwoofer.