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  1. brandon_s0854

    ct sounds 1400.1

    Ah, I remember when the AT's were $260 new. That was an amazing deal. Free bump for a quality amp!
  2. brandon_s0854

    Experience with Fi X Series?

    I'm looking for a pair of budget-friendly 10" subs that will do well in a sealed enclosure. The Fi X-series model extremely well, but frequency response only tells part of the story. Has anyone actually heard these in a sealed alignment? --Thanks
  3. brandon_s0854

    fi Q12 VS DC lvl 3 15" both sealed

    If you're set on sealed, I'd go with the Q. I also prefer Fi in general to DC, but that's just me.
  4. brandon_s0854

    Concert type bass in car?

    1) Much more efficient drivers 2) Much more efficient cabinet designs (usually tapped horns) 3) Much more power 4) Use-able output down only to 40hz-50hz (as opposed to 20-30hz in cars). You can make your system much louder if you're willing to sacrifice that bottom octave.
  5. brandon_s0854

    Tantric HD 10"

    Looking for Tantric Sounds HD 10" D2. Got money waiting.
  6. brandon_s0854

    Audioque / Soundqubed name change

    Wish I could say the same.
  7. brandon_s0854

    Best low budget amp with clean power

    Shouldn't be a power hog. It's class D and high quality. Usually when someone claims an amp of that quality is a power hog, they have something wrong in their setup. Just my experience. By the way, that's a good price on that amp. I'd take it over the AQ1200 any day, and I own an AQ2200.
  8. brandon_s0854

    Audioque / Soundqubed name change

    The subwoofer build quality is on the cheap side, but I think many would argue that the amps are quite good regardless of price.
  9. brandon_s0854

    Subwoofer sensitivity

    I'm not sure what argument you're trying to make. It looks like you're saying SQ drivers are usually more efficient than SPL drivers, which is simply not the case. Usually, a SQ driver will have more excursion, more moving mass, a lower fs, and less motor force; all of which translate into a lower efficiency driver. Most SPL-oriented drivers will be more efficient at every power level than an SQ driver, assuming we're talking about your usual frequencies 30+hz. Below 30hz, it's possible that the SQ driver could be more efficient. There's a lot of variables involved. That's why it's hard to make general statements like this.
  10. brandon_s0854

    Audioque / Soundqubed name change

    I like the logo. Not a big fan of the name though.
  11. brandon_s0854

    Best low budget amp with clean power

    Great amps. Will put out more than rated, clean power. Above your budget though, so not sure why you're asking.
  12. brandon_s0854

    Audioque / Soundqubed name change

    From what I've read, it was changed due to a law suit brought on by AudioQuest, a high-end cable manufacturer in the home audio industry, claiming that the name AudioQue infringed on the trademark they had on their brand name.
  13. My bad. Sometimes I think one thing and type another!
  14. Agreed. I would do port up as pictured.