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    2003 Ford Escape XLT, UFO BTL 18" 8Ft^3@33hz, Pioneer DEH-80PRS, Sundown SAZ-2500D, Alpine Type R 5x7 Coaxs Front & Rear, Sundown SAX-100.4D, Audiocontrol Epicenter, Clarion EQS746, 300amp Ohio Generator Alt., Kinetik HC1400, (2) Kinetik HC2400's, Knu Wire Throughout, Mix Of Dynamat And Sound Deadener Showdown (Thanks Don).
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    Full Time Audio Junkie
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    Audio, Slangin Rocks
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  1. R34P3R

    Wtb 18 inch sub

    I have a Fi SP4 Dual 1 with Cooling for $350 only 4 months old. I'm about 2 hours from you aswell so it would negate shipping.
  2. Didn't see sound deadening mentioned. It would be a very wise investment and much easier to do BEFORE all your equipment is in the car.
  3. Lol, they already have your money, why would they answer any of your questions?
  4. R34P3R

    Photoshoot done by Yours Truly!

    Does indeed.
  5. R34P3R

    Plasti dip Type R 12's....

    Adding weight to the cone or surround is definitely a bad idea. Just color them with a sharpie.
  6. Where on earth did you come from? I didn't think knowledgeable people joined this forum anymore. Everytime I see you post, it is actually valuable, helpful information which is very few and far between here.
  7. Got my M3B for a great price and dude was really great to do business with.
  8. R34P3R

    Sundown Sax-125.4

    You wouldn't happen to be interested in a like new in box SSA Zcon 18 D1 would you?
  9. R34P3R

    Sundown Sax-125.4

    Where at in OH?
  10. Seeing as how you're in ohio, give Tom a call at Ohio Generator. Does fantastic repairs and builds some custom monsters. Maybe be able to save you a couple days wait on shipping as well.
  11. Those project team DB bussbars are nasty. Build looks great.
  12. Crescendo Audio C1100.4 - 300 watts x 4 channel Concerto Series Amplifier - SSA STORE
  13. R34P3R

    2 digital designs z1 amps

    What's the ratings on these, willing to split, and where at in OH?
  14. That took some serious time and dedication writing that up. I vote for sticky.