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  1. Phoenix Risen

    T-LINE box for 3 sa8v2s!!!!!!! cheap!

    any pics of the inside? and or what are the specs on it?
  2. what part of ky are you in?
  3. Phoenix Risen

    At what Voltage drop does damage occur?

    it's very much dependent on the amplifiers in question. some will happily run down to low voltage, others drop just a bit and go up in smoke. personally I hate voltage drop period, in my tib with the stetsom 4k2d i was only dropping to 13.9 or so from mid 14's. most people just dont like to spend the money on a solid electrical system. with what your seeing though you shouldn't have any serious voltage related issues.
  4. Phoenix Risen

    FS: Stetsom 14K2D - $1100

    stetsom amps are stupid efficient, that said most of us that run them get custom inputs made. ive got triple 1/0 inputs for my 4k2d.
  5. Phoenix Risen

    Is it worth it?

    go active first with what you have now then upgrade from there. not a big rf fan but those tweets shouldn't have any issues delivering what your wanting. unless your one of those guys that loves excessive screaming supertweets and pa setups which ive just never been a fan of.
  6. Phoenix Risen

    The Holy Grails - Image Dynamics IDW Subwoofers

    those 15s would be really nice in the Ib build ive been tossing around... just shouldnt be spending the money right now.
  7. Phoenix Risen

    Is it worth it?

    what is it about the t1's that you arnt satisfied with, or what are you trying to improve? ---------- Post added at 07:47 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:46 PM ---------- Also are you active or passive?
  8. Phoenix Risen

    help with 1st spl system

    even with that low tuning low to mid 40's should still be easy with that setup.
  9. Phoenix Risen

    What happens to notes below a subs frequency response?

    assuming the bolded line is where this mechanical thermal confusion is coming from. What that is saying is the coil expansion is being caused by excessive heat, not the other way around. coil expansion is a form of thermal damage and the possible rubbing is a result. now shut the fuck up and let this thread get back on track, you have been proven to not know what your talking about.
  10. Phoenix Risen

    power supply help

    i will never understand the want to run car amps in a house. once you spend money on a power supply to really run one plus the cost of the amp itself you could have just bought a nice home amp and plugged it in. makes so much more sense to go that way.
  11. Phoenix Risen

    massive p3000.1 modded to run 1 ohm?

    If someone who actually knows what they are doing does the mods you can be ok. but thats usually not cheap.
  12. Phoenix Risen

    Parts Express and MECA's Midwest Audiofest!

    Look forward to it man.
  13. Phoenix Risen

    Parts Express and MECA's Midwest Audiofest!

    Ill have the baja there for sure. you running this show Geoff?
  14. Phoenix Risen

    15" GCA Goliath Custom Beast

    that is a beautiful monster sir. whats the fs on this?
  15. Phoenix Risen

    Mach5 MLI-65 6.5" MIDS

    ****, i only get like 2.5 to stay behind the door panels, its been a pain in the *** finding mids.