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  1. I've traded in my vehicle and got room for one 12" sub, roughly 1.5' of cubic feet for the volume. I think I will go with one Alpine Type R 12" sub, but I am not sure what ohmage would be best. I assume 2 ohm is the lowest they go, and to use a mono amp I'd need the two 4ohms wired down to 1 ohm, SO 2 Ohm is the lowest I can go (I think) and the subs are 300RMS per coil. What would you guys recommend for an amp?
  2. Stripes

    Alpine CDA-105 Filters

    About a year ago I purchased an Alpine CDA-105 new for $170. I'm getting around to planning some more additions, two 12" subs, about 300 RMS each, dual coils on them. An amp for them, and possibly either two new 6.5" and an amp for them, or two 5x9 for the back seat, and an amp for them. My CDA-105 has these amp pre-outs. My question though is how is it going to sound? I don't think my CDA-105 has any high or low pass filters, will this make the whole bass setup sound like crap?
  3. Stripes

    Looking for a pair of good 12"

    I haven't looked at amps much yet. I'd like to start with some speaker ideas first. I'd like some nice bass, but also some SQL. I want the thumps to have tight endings. Any general suggestions for now before I start getting down to details?
  4. About 4 months ago I purchased an Alpine CDA-105 Head Unit (I love it) Only one thing; I have an 8 gb jump drive I'm using for music, and the unit will ONLY read all of my songs if I have them in folders, with less than 100 per folder. I understand for the average person that is nice, but I would like to expand the functions of this unit as they are meant to be. Like when I go to seek an artist, I can only seek that folder. I have about 830 songs, so I would in essence have to search 8.3 folders. I have alphabetized all the songs in all of the folders, but this is still a pain...and when I get a new song, from that artist, that may be in a folder with already 100 songs, then I can't add it to that, without making space...etc. So basically, what should I do here so that I can make the unit read all of my songs, in a folder, that is more than just 100? Also - Somewhat relevant, the randomize all selection on the unit will randomize all of my songs in all folders, but it appears to play one song 3 times before I ever hear another. I suppose a TRUE randomization would cause this, where you can pick the same one more than once, but is there a way to make it play every song one time before playing another twice...? Thanks in advance
  5. Stripes

    Need remote for CDA-105

    I have an Alpine CDA-105. I need a remote control for it...I found 2 options on the site, one is 20 and one is 60. The $20.00 one says it only works on 2005-2007? I believe this may not be true too? The $60.00 one claims to work on ALL units...I'm NOT going to pay 60 bucks for a ****ed remote, even 20 is high...so I figured I would go on e-bay once I knew what one(s) would work with my unit? Also, I'd like it if you could...prove whatever is suggested will work for the CDA-105? The manual is a CD and a PDF file, and very...very disappointing. I was wanting a book from them, not a PDF file. Thanks for your help.
  6. I want to get a nice pair of 6.5" speakers, but I don't even know where to start... What Brand : What RMS that sounds clear : What RMS that gives good bass : All of this I don't know. I would like to start with what brands to look into and what not to look into. My budget is $200.00 I can get stuff from $30.00 to $150.00 cheaper than stock price through online buying, from non manufacturer. I am not looking to buy from someone here, but I want advice. Please let me know your opinion, ESPECIALLY if you have personally been in this situation and found out what to get... Thanks
  7. Hey guys, I have just got my 1985 RamCharger. It's a 2 door vehicle, if you're not familar with it, google it...or just picture a sexy bronco. Anyhow, I want to replace the 2 door speakers with something nice. I have heard that 6 1/2"s deliver the best quality and bass...so first off, I need to know if this is true or not? I absolutely do not want to go over $200.00 with these 2 speakers, Prefer not even $150.00 but, I can already see the comments "Good luck getting something nice for under $150.00"...so I won't make that my limit...but I really think there are decent speakers for under $150.00...I just don't know what. I do not have my head unit picked out yet, that's in a different post. But these speakers will probably be powered by a kicker amp. Not sure on that yet either, but I will not have the money for a amp for quite a while, so consider these speakers powered just by the head unit! Anyhow, please give your opinions on what size, and then what speakers! Thanks
  8. I have looked around, and I have found two head units that somewhat please me, their price...not so much. The first unit is a: KENWOOD KDC-MP345U CD/MP3/AUX/USB/IPOD RADIO CAR STEREO 200W 22 x 4 RMS I can get this for about $120.00 The second unit is a: ALPINE CDA-105 iPOD MP3 CD PLAYER RADIO USB 200W 18 x 4 RMS I can get this for around $140.00 to $160.00 I noticed the alpine says it's about 1 to 2 pounds heavier. They both appear to have 2 amp outputs, and they both have USB and Aux. ports that I desire. I like alpine, but I don't know if I should get it for the 20-40 dollars more. I am also opt for input and changes if you guys have any other opinions, for head units...in the price range.