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  1. jsmitty

    Should I buy this pioneer amp?

    Fast forward to around 3:20. Amp does just a hair over rated power at 2 and 1 ohm
  2. jsmitty

    Need help with amp repair

    DB-R it is. Shipping it that way as soon as a find a big enough box. Excited to get this amp fixed and installed
  3. jsmitty

    Need help with amp repair

    If no one can come up with a terminal, I might go that route. In the mean time I'll see what DB-R says. Thanks for the response!
  4. jsmitty

    Need help with amp repair

    Amp-Medics is a no go
  5. jsmitty

    Need help with amp repair

    My guess is someone stripped a set screw and tried using an easy-out for the first time.... But, iirc I picked it up from a pawn shop eBay store for real cheap, so no surprise. The thing is built like a brick **** house, so I'd hate to have a 2 ft paper weight. I'll def check out amp-medics. Thanks!
  6. jsmitty

    Need help with amp repair

    I purchased a Fultron Memphis Belle 6 channel amp off eBay a while back. Got it for a decent price, not knowing the condition. I've never put power to the amp to test whether or not it even powers up, but one of the subwoofer speaker output terminal blocks is loose and visibly damaged. I finally got around to opening it up to find that said terminal block is separated from the circuit board. Aside from this, no other visual signs of damage. I called Zed to ask about repairing it but he won't touch it, says Memphis is too unreliable. Any recommendations on places or members who do quality work repairing older amps?
  7. If a current deal of mine falls through, I'll be buying this for sure. Will know in 24 hours
  8. Looking to get a box built behind the seat in my 82 C10 single cab. Putting two 8" Type Rs back there. PM me!
  9. jsmitty

    Alpine MRD-M605

    $125 shipped.... This has to go!
  10. jsmitty

    Alpine MRD-M605

    Feel free to make some offers...
  11. I couldn't find it either. I still might be interested. Def want an active deck
  12. Do you know if this is amp link compatible?