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  1. wickedwitt

    Returning to CA

    ---------- Post added at 03:55 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:54 PM ---------- It is, so long as it's 10+ years old and was actually made for another company originally.
  2. wickedwitt

    Returning to CA

    Bad day?
  3. wickedwitt

    Returning to CA

    Budget is limitless and yes
  4. wickedwitt

    Returning to CA

    I've been away from all forums from quite some time, and haven't done any changes to my audio in a while either. Currently running 2 RF 15s on 2 Visigoth 7000s but I'm itching for louder and was wondering what I should look into for the upgrade. Tahoe, all equipment behind the second row. That part can't change. My doors are ran off a big Kicker amp too and that won't change, but the actual doors can if I can gain some midbass. Thanks for any help.
  5. wickedwitt


    I metered it on much less power, single 7k wired to 1.6nom. I don't have near enough deadener to meter half decent, but it peaks at 38 sealed, so it sounds absolutely wonderful.
  6. wickedwitt


    Any ideas on maintaining functionality of my back hatch and sunroof, but making them stout enough I don't have to worry about them breaking on me.
  7. wickedwitt


    Loving them so far. I'm actually only using about 12k ish of them atm. I don't have the electrical for the full 18k they're undoubtedly capable of, but I figure I'll get used to them and be able to move up to around 14-15k ish. The Tahoe isn't going to like it either way. I want to maintain Sunroof functionality.
  8. wickedwitt


    The gain is all the way down
  9. wickedwitt


    It is ported, but the SSF goes down to 15hz. I haven't found a song that hurts the subs yet. It won't let me upload a pic of the amps, but they're Viking 7000w amps and the Rockfords are old, IDK the model.
  10. wickedwitt


    Also, yes hurts me from the pressure and hurts the Tahoe as it looks like it's falling apart.
  11. wickedwitt


    I recently bought 2 7000w amps for my Rockford 15s. I'm going to run 1 amp per sub at 2 ohm, because they were just laughing at either of my last two amps. I have the SSF turned all the way down, and the sub out at -10. I'm not losing any volts but I can't seem to turn the sub out up any or it just hurts me an the Tahoe too much. Other than that, any of you guys have any suggestions? I plan on running these just like this for a long time, so any help on maintaining my system is appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Eh, how expensive is 10' of #4 and 6 4g lugs? It's worth the $20-40 and 1hr to me to just fix it and forget it. But yeah, what would I know...I'm just a junior member
  13. Upgrading your electrical is never money wasted. Do the Big 3 for every install, even if only 4ga for installs under 1000w. The easier the electrons can travel, the less voltage issues and ultimately equipment issues you'll have.
  14. wickedwitt

    Did I do well with my purchase?

    I gave it a full minute of dead idle full tilt yesterday evening, couldn't get below 14.3v I must be doing something wrong.