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  1. Go to a forum dedicated to an explorer and you'll more than likely find someone on there that could give you some help with that particular vehicle.
  2. For that small of an amp, 8 awg is plenty.
  3. A normal amp kit comes with the power wire, ground wire, fuse for power, rca cables, a small amount of speaker wire, and various connectors and other small parts. With that being said, read what the manufacturer recommends for power wire size. You didn't say how many watts that amp is so I have no idea on what to recommend. I can recommend that you NOT buy the kit that you linked because it is complete garbage. The reason is that the wire will not be true to the size as stated. http://www.knukonceptz.com/mobile-audio/amp-installation-kits/sp/kca-complete-8-gauge-amplifier-installation-kit/ This one would probably be fine for you if 8 AWG is what is recommended assuming it's a low power amp. As for the door speakers, you should probably run them off the head unit and therefore won't need additional wiring for them. You can either cut the factory wiring and splice those in or buy an adapter for your particular car that is a pigtail that you plug in to the factory connector and has wires for you to connect to the speakers. With all that being said, I recommend that you find someone around you that knows more than you do to assist you or be willing to pay a shop to do the work. Not knowing what you are doing when you go to install the equipment is a good way to ruin what you have.
  4. accuab

    Thoughts on SoundQubed HDS312

    Total That's what soundqubed recommends too. When I designed the box for the kicker with winisd combined with other sources, that port size kept the velocity low. I'm not so sure if that box is a good idea or not when looking at this sub since it will be moving quite a bit more air. I'm weighing options right now. I saw on craigslist where I could pick up 2 of the newer compv kickers with a box for $150. If I went that route, I could put one in my current box while I build a good ported box to put both in later on down the road.
  5. accuab

    Thoughts on SoundQubed HDS312

    I finally got around to putting my sub and amp back in after sitting for a long time and got in a rush to meet my friend for beers on his birthday and didn't set my amp properly. Long story short, I fried the coils on a kicker cvr 12. Many on here are probably happy to hear a kicker is dead lol. The box I have is a custom built ported - 2.5 cubes @34hz. I'm looking for a replacement sub and think the SoundQubed HDS312 should be a good choice. I've got a apsm-1500 for the amp so I was thinking get the dual 2 to wire at 1 ohm. How do these subs sound? I was happy with the sound of the kicker but I know a lot of people on here say there are much better alternatives and I was thinking the soundqubed would fit the bill. Will the sub work in this current box? The thing that worries me is the port area. My box is around 26 in^2 and port noise comes into play when the sub would have more Xmax that the kicker it was built for.
  6. I'm trying to add on a 4 channel amp and sub amp to the stock setup in a 02 Seville with the non-bose setup. Anyone have the color coding for the wires at the factory amp to tie in for the signal? I've checked on google and cadillac forums to no avail.
  7. accuab

    DB level of test tone for setting gain

    It comes down to how confident you are in setting your gains. The higher the number, the safer you are with your equipment. When you tune with a negative db, you run the risk of putting out more power to your speakers or sub than you had actually intended since a lot of music is recorded with a higher db rating. I prefer to stay on the safe side myself. For example, some rap songs are actually recorded with a + db on the bass rather than a flat to boost the bass in the song. If you tune with a -3 db rating and play that particular song recorded with a +3db in the bass, the amp will be putting out 6db higher to the subs than you had intended. On the same note, it allows you to boost the bass more with the eq rather than using a bass boost on songs that are lacking in bass as well. Same goes for highs or mids or whichever you are tuning for.
  8. accuab

    Focal Access + Factory Bose System?

    They won't have sufficient power. Bose is designed normally for 2 ohm or less.
  9. Let me know before you get rid of it. I will be at work till about midnight so I will check the forum when I get home.
  10. accuab

    Recommend me a amp for these door speakers please!

    Soldering is a better connection. If you have the supplies already, try it out on some spare wire and see if you can do it. If you can't just crimp it. Truthfully until you get in really high power applications, you would never notice the difference.
  11. Never heard anything back. Still interested.
  12. accuab

    Recommend me a amp for these door speakers please!

    The best connection is to solder wires directly to those silver terminals. If not doing that, they came with a short harness with the opposite connector for each terminal. You can crimp the two wires together. Or you coukd solder the sleaker wire and the harness together.
  13. accuab

    Recommend me a amp for these door speakers please!

    Do the new ones have spade terminals like the fosgates did or do they have a push type connector? If they are spade, they will come with a piece of wire with the opposite spade connector to slide on to the speaker terminals. If that is the case, you can use a crimp to connect the supplied wire with the speaker. The best connection to get is soldering the speaker wire directly to the speaker terminals. Soldering isn't hard but if you haven't done it before, see if someone you know has.