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  1. 2ndroundko

    H2 3rd ROW BUILD

    NASTINESS!!!best looking wall I've seen
  2. Nice box dimensions? what #s you shooting for
  3. cool design but wouldnt the space on the back side of the box cause turbulence
  4. 2ndroundko

    American Bass nuthuggery

    Yeah I have Memphis 1000 I'm gonna put it on a lil later. Oh and I thought box rise was the increase in resistance from the wires. I guess I'm wrong care to explain what box rise is I'm a newbie
  5. 2ndroundko

    American Bass nuthuggery

  6. 2ndroundko

    American Bass nuthuggery

    I can only imagine I got dash flex on 1 xd @ 500
  7. 2ndroundko

    American Bass nuthuggery

    2 weeks ago i purchased an american bass xd12 dual 4 ohm 2.5 inch voice coil rated at 500watts rms, perfect for my old school orion cobalt 500.5 (the all blue one). OK so this is my first none mainstream sub and I was not sure what to expect so I set my expectations low. I paid 93 bucks shipped so I thought it would be a decent deal based on the other reviews I have read. In preparation for the subs arrival I decided to actually finish my box I build last year and recess the sub since I cut the opening a lil too large initially. The box is 2.5 cubes tuned to 28hz and sounded decent even with my crappy mtx. I ordered the sub from online car stereo although they give tracking or a confirmation email they shipped very fast and I had my sub within 5 business days. Opened the box and was very impressed With the build quality of this relatively cheap sub. Checked the voice coils and they read 4.3 ohm which was a lil disheartening but I went ahead with install anyway. Wired in series to break it in for about a week and the sub impressed me right away. It played nice and tight and got lower than I expected. Even reading a 9.3 ohm load in series it matched the output of my mtx. So the next week I take the sub out wire it parallel and finish up my box. Wired up parallel it reads 2.6 ohms after box rise and gets nasty. I have had the sub about 2 weeks now it impresses me more daily as it loosens up I'm a American Bass fan for life now. I can post pics if you guys want.
  8. 2ndroundko

    1986 Porsche 930

    Very nice excellent fit and finish
  9. the Gmat stuff on ebay? i was wondering about that the audio technix stuff looks really good but too exspensive for me. fiberglass work look good
  10. 2ndroundko

    Fi BTL N215 Enclosure

    SIMPLY AMAZING!!! Dude that level of craftsmanship is hard to find in anything now. What is it going in a RR Ghost?
  11. Double knerfed for a single 15? How does that works? Looks good as always by the way.
  12. looks like a solid start I have a 01 Jimmy 4 door but my build is too sloppy to even post right now plus i need a new sub. thinking about an American Bass xd 12
  13. 2ndroundko

    06 Mercedes C230 install

    looks really good nice and clean
  14. dang I bet it would be a beast on something others than a pop dance song. Lil jon maybe?