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  1. could this be just a temporary problem or do i have to take it to a shop
  2. yea its werid cause it happens then it goes away it will probaly come back again so ill find out i had all the brakes replaced like a year ago not me the owner before me i have the papers the assholes that installed it must of did it wrong
  3. this is my first car so i dont know much but im learning heres whats been happening im driving then all of the sudden my break pedal it starts to get all stiff then i smell this burning smell normal the break is loose then when this thing happens the break gets all stiff like a cant really press it in but the car still stops and then i smell this burning smell but then after 5-10 mins it goes away then the breaks are back to normal i get scared and pull over and check under the hood and stuff and the smell goes away i checked my brake fluid its high does can anyone help to know what is happening also when that problem happens my car cant excellerate as fast ive noticed
  4. i can do that because i dont know if it works im sure it does but when you shake it something is rattleing around inside you can try it if u want
  5. markak134

    how can this be worth this much

    what kind of amp is that its looks like somthing i would shit out of my ass
  6. im offended by this piece of shit MERCEDES BENZ HARMAN / BECKER AMPLIFIER A 169 820 80 89: eBay Motors (item 220657220395 end time Sep-18-10 16:11:07 PDT)
  7. since when is a piece of glass worth 400 dollars it isnt bullet proof is it
  8. why would i pay 400 when i can make that myself
  9. markak134


    what if your at a stop light bumping do they just run up to you or what lol
  10. markak134


    dont go to the bad places black people will kill you or steal your system i wish there was no black people then we wouldnt have this problem
  11. the p.millers were sold out so ended up getting one of these these pwn the shit out of p. millers anyway u akready got it hooked up and it broke all the windows in my house
  12. here is a link he said he had a 5000 watt amp hooked up to it im thinking about scooping one up with the leet price BAZOOKA P MILLER 12" DUAL VOICE COIL SUBWOOFER 1224DVC*::*Car Audio*::*Consumer Electronics*::*Home and its made by master p so it has to be good right
  13. markak134

    Subtilis 12

    do you guys have to be up tight little *****es that wont give new companies a chance because your o busy sucking on the balls of the companies that your in love with
  14. markak134

    Subtilis 12

    all he did was changed the name the people that pre ordered the subtilis are still getting them