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  1. Dammed

    Crescendo BC2000D

    Ordered a new amp. Please close the thread.
  2. Dammed

    Crescendo BC2000

    Hey man. Send me a PM for the price with shipping to 07036, NJ.
  3. Dammed

    Crescendo BC2000D

    It's $345 with shipping. But a used one is normally cheaper.
  4. As title says, wtb a Crescendo BC2000D shipped to 07036, NJ. Please send me a PM with a price with shipping if you want to sell one. Thanks!
  5. What's the power rating on the tweeters?
  6. Dammed

    American Bass VFL 1100.1

    Yeah sure thing. Problem is, the amp is SOLD!!!
  7. Dammed

    American Bass VFL 1100.1

    Haha, I'll even make a college party with lots of Norwegian girls if a buyer comes to visit. Zandrews, sent you a PM.
  8. Dammed

    American Bass VFL 1100.1

    Never understood why people ask that question... My car got to heavy and slow. So I'm selling my car equipment to turbocharge my car instead. I can trade this amp for a smaller amp that does around 1500W rms + one non SPL 18".
  9. Dammed

    American Bass VFL 1100.1

    Thanks man. Yeah, shipping prices from Norway are terrible. But if someone wants it, maybe it will be cheaper if they make a deal with fedex/ups/dhl or someone else at their US office.
  10. Dammed

    American Bass VFL 1100.1

    Got the pictures working:
  11. Hey. Nothing much to tell, I'm studying to be a mechanical engineer in Norway and I'm quitting the carstereo hobby in favor of enigne tuning. Turbo conversion is next and I need to sell my carstereo to help fund my next project. Goal is 350 WHP on a FWD 1100kg Celica. And yeah believe it or not it works with so much power on FWD, so flame elsewhere. And this thread is also to get enough posts to be able to post pictures. (I know it's spam but I hope it's better that I spam here and not in a random thread on the forum) ---------- Post added at 04:23 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:22 AM ---------- spam 2 ---------- Post added at 04:23 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:23 AM ---------- spam 3
  12. SOLD SOLD SOLD !!!! Item(s) for Sale: American Bass VFL 1100.1 1 Ohm Stable Mono-block Amplifier. Low Level Input and Output. Frequency Response: 20Hz ~350 Hz. Low Level: 0.2V~6V. Variable Subsonic Filter: 10Hz~50Hz a5 24dB/oct. Variable Low Pass Filter35Hz~250Hz at 24dB/oct. Variable Bass Boost: 0 ~9dB at 45 Hz. Remote Gain Controller. Fuse Rating: 800 Amps. Working Battery Voltage: 9V~18V. Power output at 14.4 volts is 10,000 watts rms. Power output at 18 volts is 12,500 watts rms. Two linked VFL 1100.1 at 18 volts is 25,000 watts rms Item(s) Description/Condition: Used - mint condition, no scratches or damage, looks like new. The gain remote is from a different amp, but should work. Price: $1500 + shipping. Payment through PayPal only or cash on pickup. Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Shipping to: Norway: $45, Scandinavia: $435, Europe: $530, North America: $550, Asia: $570, Rest of the world: $700 This is the cheapest I have found, but I'm open to a different shipping company if it's cheaper for the buyer. It can also be picked up for $1400 in Fredrikstad - Norway. Pictures: Can be sent my email or PM, the forum didn't allow me to add them in the attachments or to add the links. SOLD SOLD SOLD !!!!