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  1. rfluvinmf

    American bass vfl 175.1

    No, it’s been sold.
  2. rfluvinmf

    Kicker zx2500 or kx2500 $$ wanted

    There's a zx2500 and a mrx240 in the face book groups Amps only.
  3. rfluvinmf

    looking for 2 amp kits

    You get to choose between Red & Blue positive Kolossus Fleks 0 Gauge Dual Amp Power Kit - Merchandise
  4. rfluvinmf

    Sundown SAE-2000D wiring help.

    We all have to start somewhere. If you're asking questions like this, you should have someone with knowledge to install the amp to keep from blowing it. Go to youtube and get visuals so you can SEE what it looks like.
  5. rfluvinmf

    Sundown yardsale

    Local deal if you're interested.
  6. Refurbished SAZ-5000D [sAZ-5000D-R] - $959.99 : dB-r Electronics Online Store, Amplifier Sales and Service Refurbished NS-1v2 [NS-1v2-R] - $1,279.99 : dB-r Electronics Online Store, Amplifier Sales and Service
  7. rfluvinmf

    My install's coming along nicely

    This thread is about as long as the T-Fade thread on CACO. T-Fade thread has some good info in it. I refuse to go back and see what this ruckus is about.
  8. rfluvinmf

    Need Amp

    Ampere 2000 watt amp - Car Audio Classifieds
  9. rfluvinmf

    Best anp for kappas

    Kicker Amplifier - ZX350.4 13034026199 | eBay Alpine PDX-4.150 4 Channel Power Amplifier 793276300836 | eBay Alpine MRP-F600 4-Channel Car Amp | eBay