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  1. dohckiller808

    TC 5200 vs. SMD 18

    Bro. No one was saying one is better than the other here at hawaiicaraudio were saying you shouldn't compare and blast other brands. It's your attitude that was becoming the problem with that sale.
  2. dohckiller808

    another rendition of "overpower vs underpower"

    in your configuration all day long on a clean signal. those subs do not like ported daily. we blew so many of the 12s.
  3. dohckiller808

    Enclosed Box for DD Subwoofers?

    did you tell the shop what kind of music you want it to play well??? im not the biggest dd fan but in the right enclosure even the 95 series can get down and dirty.
  4. dohckiller808

    little benefit of adding 4th sub?

    if your thinkng about it willing and able to do it youll be mad if you didnt.
  5. dohckiller808

    little benefit of adding 4th sub?

    i built the box for 4 18s one was blown so i capped it off. the 3 subs in that box was the ideal enclosure. when i added the 4th the subs saw 5 cf per sub. if i could of gone bigger on the box im sure i would of seen better gains.
  6. dohckiller808

    little benefit of adding 4th sub?

    youll also see some gains loading lower with the 4 subs. also youll get a lot more air movement across the board.when i went from 3 18s to 4 18s it was very noticeable especially below 30 hz. gained 2db at 29hz from 148 to 150s
  7. ah im a single cam or rotary kinna guy. got a sohc d16 civic pulling 500+ whp and a fd doing the same. love walking past the competition and when they wanna see the motor they crap their pants looking at such a small motor.
  8. im currently talking to a build house in china to get this done to power 2 sd16k. after testing. ill be looking into developing a market for this technology. early stages as of now.
  9. dohckiller808

    The $150 SPL Challenge

    someone would just ask a ebayer to sell equipment for $.01 and bump up the shipping...
  10. that would depend on overhead and the 2/3. time, price, and quality of the install... pick 2 out of the 3. our shop kinna flat rated things. doing this everyday we can knock some decks out in 5 mins. but we still charge the flat $60 on standard decks.
  11. dohckiller808

    Will this O-scope be good enough to set the gain on my amps?

    would you feel safe sticking the nano into 120v wall sockets?
  12. dohckiller808

    Will this O-scope be good enough to set the gain on my amps?

    thing im worried about is at the highest voltage input for the reading on the nano is 58v. other dso read up to 700v.
  13. dohckiller808

    Will this O-scope be good enough to set the gain on my amps?

    i just received the nano dso. im kind of scared to put this to my stetsoms 11k2d speaker outputs at full tilt. has anyone put this oscope to a big amp yet?
  14. dohckiller808

    Pics of new box build

    ^^^ satisfaction is the best thing you can get in this addiction.