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    Headunit: JVC KD-R840BT, Speakers:(4) Kicker KS 6x8, Subwoofer: JL 12 W6v2-D4, AMP: JL JX1000/D

    Which of these speakers are better?

    Fabbed up some new rings with thicker 1" MDF. Test fitted them and everything fits perfectly. Also picked up some smaller screws. Gonna pre drill the underside mounting holes right now, already got the top done. I like how the adapters are thick enough to wrap LED strips around. Its going to look awesome. This if my first time doing something like this.

    Which of these speakers are better?

    I made an adapter out of 1/2 wood that I had laying around. It seems as the holes for the speaker and the holes for the rear deck are too close together making the screws hit each other. Should I use 3/4" or 1" MDF and some smaller screws?

    Which of these speakers are better?

    Thanks Jeff. I will keep the MTX's and make them fit. What would be the best way to go about doing so? I thought of 2 ways 1. Use a dremel and widen the holes on the speaker. 2. Make an adapter ring using the template that came with the speaker. Screwing the adapter in from the bottom and then screwing the speaker in from the top. If I go with #2, I dont think the cars factory speaker grill will sit flush with the rear deck.

    Which of these speakers are better?

    They will be going in the rear deck. I have Kicker 6.5" 2-ways up front. I already bought the MTX's but I'm not sure if i should take them back and exchange them for the Kicker's because the MTX's will need a bit of modifying to fit in the stock holes. The Kickers have a wider screw mounting point.
  5. MTX TDX 6x9" 2-Way Coaxial 1-3/16" silk dome tweeter power range: 10-100 watts RMS (200 watts peak power) frequency response: 42-20,000 Hz sensitivity: 92 dB OR: Kicker DS Series 6x9" 3-Way 3-way car speakers (pair) 6"x9" polypropylene woofer with ribbed polyester foam surround 1/2" PEI domed tweeter and supertweeter power range: 6-90 watts RMS (360 watts peak power) frequency range: 30-20,000 Hz sensitivity: 92 dB

    How many volts can my sub take? JL 12 W6v2-4

    Okay thanks for your reply I'm trying to figure it out. I found an ohm law calculator, if I want to give my sub 600w of power do i use a DMM to set the amp to put out 34.6 volts at 2 ohm?? Sorry if my questions dont make any sense its quite confusing for me.
  7. I am wondering how many volts I should set my amp to put out. The sub is a JL 12W6v2 wired at 2 Ohm. AMP is a JL JX1000/D I'm measuring the voltage with a digital multimeter and a 50Hz tone. The manual says the amps target AC voltage at 2 ohm is 44.7V.
  8. Its gona go in the back of my 2000 ford explorer. I wanna keep my back seats and be able to take out if i want to. Maybe side to side over wheel well or between.?
  9. Okay I have a 2000 Ford Explorer XLT fully loaded with sunroof. I have a 15" Kicker L5 sub and Alpine MRP-M1000 watt amp. I need to build an enclosure for the sub. Either from side to side fitting over the wheel well. Or should I make a smaller box that I can take out easier if I need the cargo space. Any help with ideas or suggestions let me know. Thanks