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  1. Hey all. So I'm finally getting rid of the stock radio in my 2002 Corvette, and I'm planning on using this JVC KW-M740BT that I have on the shelf from my last car. The unit has rear camera functionality, and I had one set up before in the old car. Is it possible, though, to add some sort of switch or RCA splitter and a second camera? The Corvette is low, and it would be nice to be able to add a second camera up front for parking and avoiding running into the concrete stops or curbs. I know the obvious answer here is replace the deck with one with two camera inputs, but that's not really in the budget right now. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  2. Stingroo

    Budget friendly 500w amp @ 1 or 2 ohms

    Yeah sealed. 0.85 cu ft chamber. 5" depth. Not a whole lot of room out there so I figured the shallow skar would be a decent option. I can buy one for $80. 10 or 12" woofer is fine. Can get the box in either configuration. Not trying to set the world on fire here, just needs some bass.
  3. Stingroo

    Budget friendly 500w amp @ 1 or 2 ohms

    Why not? Open to suggestions on a better shallow 10. I've never personally run any of their gear but know a lot of people who have and they all seem happy with it. Was actually thinking about the skar SK-M5001D amp, but don't know a lot about it so I figured someone else might have a proven option.
  4. Car is 2002 Corvette hatch/targa. I have one of those prefab boxes that goes in the storage compartment. I know - prefab blahblah but it's sealed, and I'm not looking for earth-shattering here. My plan was to buy a Skar VD-10. Haven't pulled the trigger yet whether d2 or d4. If I get the d2, I can wire it down to 1 ohm, if I get the d4 I can wire it to 2 ohms. So... what's my best budget-friendly option to get a true 500w out there? Open to used as well.
  5. Not averse to walling it at all, to be honest with you. I daily it but my commute is about 5 minutes. lol
  6. I could wall it, too. Wouldn't really bother me. Was kind of hoping I didn't have to, but yeah. The FU website says they want 4.5 to 6 ft^3 per sub. I could definitely fit one in there, but I have two so I might as well. I bought 'em used... one is in a 5.4 ft^3 box tuned to 32hz and is pretty awesome but the box is too wide for my trunk and not deep enough. I could make one that would fit, but then I'd have another loose sub sitting there waiting and depressed. lol
  7. Vehicle : 2000 Buick Century Location in the vehicle: Trunk - but I do have a fold down rear seat Space available (Length x Width x Height): (rough measurements) 40x36x19 Subwoofer make and model: FU750 v1 dual 2ohm Subwoofer Size: 18 Number of Subwoofers: 2 Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): Probably slot? What type of music do you like?: A lot of rock/metal and old school rap. I have a pretty big collection of rebassed music too. Is your goal SPL or Everyday Music?: Both? Mostly music but it would be pretty cool to do 140+ Tuning Freq (Hz): 26-30-ish? Volume : no idea Questions: What would you do with the trunk space available to build a box that won't starve these subs and let them play mid 20s to low 30s? Can it even be done? I've never had anything like this before but I'd love to try.
  8. Stingroo

    Grandpas Pride and Joy Pioneer

    Yeah it's a single chamber. I kind of want to design a box, but I think it's above my head. I have a lot of room in the trunk. Even with my nice amp board taking a few inches away from me (made it from scrap MDF and vinyl - conceals everything nicely... I have (conservatively... with 2-3 inches to spare) 38" width 16" height 27" depth to work with. I just spent an hour watching youtube videos and playing with winISD and I'm confused because my graph doesn't look anything like the dude in the video but it sounds like I have enough room to do something.
  9. Stingroo

    Grandpas Pride and Joy Pioneer

    Well, they arrived today and got installed. I'm actually pretty impressed with these. Wired them to 1 ohm and put them on the AP. Set my gain with a multimeter. Grandpa - box is as follows 14"D x 32"W x 13-3/4"H Made of 5/8 MDF. Port is 10.25"D x 2"W x 12.75"H
  10. Stingroo

    Compact Handgun

    Those Rugers are nice. Too small for my hand though. I daily carry a Walther P99c. It's a little off the beaten path but it works for my left-handed defective self.
  11. Stingroo

    Grandpas Pride and Joy Pioneer

    You're right - it's 40hz. Womp. Definitely need a box upgrade soon. They'll be loud though - that's alright for now.
  12. Stingroo

    Grandpas Pride and Joy Pioneer

    I almost bought two of the FU750s but I don't want to do another box. Just ordered two of those Pioneers for $179 from Amazon... To hell with it. It's not a good box - it's a ported q-bomb that I robbed from a customer's trade in that had some ****** boss subs in it and no amp when he traded it. Can't complain for free.99 though.
  13. Stingroo

    Grandpas Pride and Joy Pioneer

    Bump. Honestly just looking for a CHEAP budget setup for a daily. My electrical is pretty decent... Mechman 240a alt ($100 facebook marketplace score - seriously) 1 run of SHCA 1/0 Brand new Deka/Sam's Club AGM battery (like - brand new as in purchased on Saturday night June 23, 2018) Two of these wired down to 1 ohm on a perfectly functional Audiopoop 1500. Decent? Really trying to be under $200 for the subs here - and I KNOW, I KNOW, cheap ain't good and good ain't cheap... but I'm being cheap because it's in a $500 daily driver beater. lol Think it would live in a daily?