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    Taramps Md series

    Wew Lad. Big thanks for the reply. Yocom

    Taramps Md series

    Hello Does anyone know anything about these? Is the Md series just an slightly changed Hd series or is there more to them. After seeing Big D's test of the Md1800 awhile back has me interested.. Yocom
  3. Down4sound What is the beef with JP?? I never heard what was said that he done. Just curious. Yocom
  4. I have two v3 sundown proto E series from the yard sale subs to pick from.One d2 and a d4.Im going to use the d4 parallel for a 2ohm load with a Fsd 700d to lower the power output.Box is 2.5 internal.This system will never play bass heavy music or be played loudly. Yocom
  5. Shredd I did not really answer your question sorry.The needed to know if a 6 inch port was enough area for 2.5 cudes? Do think it is? Yocom
  6. Shredd I have the enclosure mostly drawn up 12 inch sundown in a 2.5 cubed 70 degree wedge in a small hatch back."6"x14.6 tuned to 40hz---Dont need to be low for the person. Ive built more than a few boxes but only with square/rectangle ports. Yocom
  7. I just wanted to thank everyone for the good and bad. Yocom
  8. Hispls read above I explained why I did not understand what my google search showed me.You did not read all of this to see that. And I did have to look up cretins lol Yocom
  9. Shredder Please dont Flame me too.I do not know that math--it's Pi x radius squared--When I google my question I get stuff like that which is over my head lol Yocom
  10. OK OK i should have not TYPED im too lazy.Sometimes things in type comes off different then if asked in person.And I do not understand that math in your pic above.But i can multiply 3.14.I have googled on how to figure out round circle area and never seen Gramps simple awnser.Ciaonzo Thank you for sharing what you know on here.I really like you on Tc Sounds info. Yocom
  11. Can I nicely ask why the flames? Yocom
  12. Gramps Thanks for the replys.Im not new by any means but ive never had the need to do pound ports.I can do square ports ect with the simple help of the 12volt for lenth.They are easy for me to add up.And as far is not being new I too am old as dirt-50 in august.My first big stereo was a blow thru in 86--with the first Sony cd player . Yocom
  13. Yes I can and I did not know it was that simple,Thank You.And im not to lazy for that.A simple link with the different sizes would be also nice. Grandpa I hope your ok.Your always super nice on here!!-----Please dont take that as being negative. Yocom