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  1. mc01ta

    Torn on which 12s for foxacoustics in f150

    I just want something with lots of output and bass heavy for rap music when I feel like listening to it. I found the E10s for saleninlie for $115 each right now and about to pull the trigger. Concern with those is some online feedback of them not lasting long but could be because of many factors. Just want to make sure these are total garbage and have good quality. I can’t stomach the JL price when I’m sure their are other options. I was originally set on the demons but not sure about spending over $300+ for the lair and being disappointed. I appreciate the input keep it coming
  2. mc01ta

    Torn on which 12s for foxacoustics in f150

    Sorry about my typo in the title. It is for two 10s. I plan on using the current amp and see how it sounds before spending more money. Really torn on which subs. Budget is around 400$ for the subs and really down to the following: SSA Demons Sundown E10v3s jl 10W3 if I can stomach spending more open to other suggestions but that is the plan to go with the foxacoustics vented box
  3. I have a 2013 fi150 supercrew and about 500-600 watts on tap. I am ordering a dual 10 fox acoustics vented enclosure and torn on which subs to go with. I listen to a lot of old school hip hop and some rock/metal. Currently have a single ID10v4 sealed and while it sounds nice there isn’t enough output. Looking at the sundown e10s, new ssa demons and the alpine type red. Budget would prefer to keep under $400 for the subs. I was originally leaning towards the new demons but there isn’t anything out to go on for them. The more I research the sundown e10s the more I seem to read people not having longevuwirh them and them failing after a year or two. That could just be user error but something to think of. What do you all recommend? This box fits those subs, is about 2 cubic feet vented at 36hz http://www.foxacoustics.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=F150-SC-210-V-09