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  1. Haven't updated this in a while...last post on the explorer. Ran out of time with her. Over the past 4 months I have had nothing but issues with things starting to go wrong with the vehicle. Had an EVAP code that cost me more than I wanted to spend replacing some crap in the gas tank, rear differential fluid spewed all over the driveway, new front wheel bearings, sway bar, and a ton of other stuff. Got to the point where it was costing me 600-1000 every other month to keep her running. Have been searching for a new vehicle for the past 2 months and finally picked one out/got a good deal on it. Huge PITA to clean out the explorer and put it back to stock, but I got it done in about 18 hours. Sold a bunch of the audio already between CL and Ebay over the past 5 days which I'm shocked by. Only things left are the DD C1b and the sub for things I'm getting rid of. Any who, traded the explorer in on Tuesday afternoon (somehow managed to get $2,400 from the dealer), and here is my new vehicle: Expect to see a super **** SQ build log on it Eventually once the Maliboom is sold and the vehicle is 3/4 of the way paid off (which could take me around 2.5-3 years to do), but once it's ready this thing is going to be super clean.
  2. And let Project W commence as soon as I get a decent day to get and cut wood
  3. Small update with some pictures: So I've been super bored and wanted to work on the explorer/do something to get it ready for the next build. While I'm waiting for the box design, I decided to install something that I've had since I bought the headunit Backup Cam. As usual, things have to be complicated with the explorer. Blame Ford and my luck. Spent a solid 4 hours earlier in the week trying to get the z120 to switch to the backup camera when I put that bish in reverse with no luck (yes I tapped into the reverse taillight harness and so on). Something is up with the head unit, because the only way to get the backup camera screen to show is to switch the polarity settings, which makes the backup camera screen impossible to get off of unless you do a hard reset. Probably blew the pico fuse when I did it, as I hae a slight alt whine back, but whatever. Very slight. So at that point I said forget it, this won't work and I would like to see what it's like to see out of the back whenever I feel like it, not just for backing up. Went to amazon and bought this cheapy eChina "5" inch tft monitor. Forgot to take pics of the monitor, because let's face it, I'm terrible at remembering to take pictures sometimes. The 5 is in quotes because the screen is actually 4.3 ish inches with the case being 5 inches. That's fine though because it will fit into where i decided to put it. Had to make a housing for the monitor to sit in: Foiled up Glassed on Snap chatted the rest of the pics -_- so fail there. Basically rechopped the piece of the center console that I put the meters in, hot glued things back to it, using some cardboard for the new voltmeter housings. From there, I ran out of glue sticks (only had one to start with) and couldn't find fleece to wrap the console. So, I found some funky duct tape lying around and used that. Resined over it for this: Would I advise using duct tape over fleece? For anything else unless you're using mat on top of it, heck no. Duct tape is easier to put on obviously, but throwing resin over it like I did still made it super flexible. Not really an issue with the center console/I don't plan on switching this up anytime soon, but do it at your own risk I guess. Welp, running out of weekend time, so I decided to just leave it like it is. I like the funky look of this thing: Everything installed in the center console. Yes the screen somehow managed to shift a tad to the right. Whatevs not my show car so cosmetics don't need to be top notch. Just needs to match the worn condition of the explorer. Backup camera: Threw it here because I don't want to drill into the tailgate. Originally was going to install it under the bumper, but there wasn't enough time int he weekend to do so. I have this plastic cover for the trailer hitch, and because I don't ever hook anything up to the explorer, it's the perfect place. Just need to remember to not step on it when I'm working in the cargo area soon...Anyways, I bought a 3" bolt that's attached to the mount on the bottom of the camera. Why a bolt? Because mounting tape was 12 bucks at lowes. I'm good. $1.24 for the bolt and nut 4 pack. Mind the rust, I will eventually replace this bumper: Ran the wires through the car for the camera aka my least favorite job because i always kill my fingers. And back to the front and the cluster of wires that I'm too lazy to clean up. Spaghetti. And we're live Camera mount is a little bent, need to adjust. And with the lights on So that's that. Trying to think of anything else I can do while I'm waiting for my designs to be finished up. Apparently there's a polar vortex coming through this week, so if that's the case I won't even be able to get wood. Boo. Will update when design comes in
  4. Just a quick no pictures update. should have the new box design in by next week, so hopefully I'll be kicking off from there. Going to have to work super fast to beat the cold weather, but luckily the garage is cleaned out. Probably going to have the explorer smelling like fiberglass and bondo for a few weeks after as well haha. But yeah. Might have a few small updates here and there with other stuff I'm doing in preparation of the next build. Stay tuned!
  5. Was going to say router and a circle jig, but that's going the expensive way. Nice to have if you decided to start building!
  6. Sooo...getting kind of tired of the hatch rattle I hear whenever I begin to turn it up...possible new build starting if I sell the current enclosure this week
  7. Quick one I snagged real quick on my way back from getting coffee. Not the loudest song and 3/4 volume, still haz some flex. Little shot of the maliboom in the driveway too Really need to get that hatch deadened like the old one lol
  8. I know a few of you were asking for videos...well I found a few of the previous setups on my phone/computer. Unfortunately a bunch of them just majorly **** lol. Super short and they don't really show much flex or anything (as most of the build was about sound quality and staging), but I'll throw them up as I upload them. Also I held the phone wrong in most of them, so I might need to rotate some of them in FCP. In the meantime, here's one I forgot I uploaded of the active front stage last winter. Before the fine tuning and the sub (Lvl 5 + M1c was in at this point) turned off:
  9. Sitting nice and pretty now! I'll try and get a video up this week if I remember/find some time/weather isn't too meh f Loving it so far though. Rides smooth and I feel a little higher up. Also test drove the 2015 F150s today (reason why my post is so delayed). Pretty nice vehicle, but the body sits kind of low and they gave up some height in the bed. Other than that, it was a nice vehicle. Might consider buying one in a year or two. Future build log? Possibly!
  10. Great to hear! I honestly think they're going to be outlasting the explorer at this point. Apparently I still have a little pull to the right meaning there's some work that will need to be done on the front right to get it going straight, but it's more time, money, and looking at rusted on components that I don't see putting in before winter haha. We'll see how I'm feeling at the start of spring.
  11. Tires? Check Sensa Track Load Adjusting Shocks? Check Onward to my buddy's shop for mounting, torching the spare tire off, installing the new shocks, twist of the torsion bar, and last but not least an alignment. Hopeully will have it back tomorrow! Super excited and thinking about a 2" BL now...
  12. So there's the repair work. Not about to hash out the cost to get her repainted, so next best thing for $55ish bucks? Plasti Dip. Yes I laid it down out of spray cans and yes my forearms were killing me afterwards. Only thing that's left to do is redo the pinstriping and it's set. Will probably do that next year when I take the car out of storage.
  13. Maliboom updates: Decided to finally knock off most of the surface rust on the maliboom since I had some free time. Started sanding down only to find out that the car, at some point before I bought it from a dealership, had had the whole rear quarter panel fixed. Awesome/why I won't ever buy another used car from a dealer again.
  14. It's been minute since i've been on, but I bring some updates with me. Here's what's up with the explorer. Also have some maliboom updates as well to toss in Finally have some time to update this. Current projects: Moved the enclosure to the left side. Seem to get a little better response/less hatch rattle from this. Also tossed in a beauty cargo panel. Need to re-deaden the new tailgate (on the list for things to do this week) Have some more sag going on in the rear now that there's a 69lb sub in there and a box that weighs a solid 75+ lbs thanks to all the resin. Will snag a picture tomorrow, but already have a remedy for the problem. Some new sensa track shocks are on their way as we speak. Overall, I'm impressed with the setup. I wish I had the 8s in to test out, but the 18 gets plenty loud and when I'm not in the mood to shake things, a quick switch of my eq settings makes this thing a dream to listen to with some country, rap, and so on. Kind of a huge OCD freak when it comes to voltage. Especially after I lost two batteries to a previous drain from letting the explorer sit for 2 months, so decided to buy some voltage meters for it. This is another half finished project thanks to work and the timing when I began it. Took the top part of the center console and fleeced it: Test fit Lots of sanding and smoothing things out coming together Another part that was sprayed down, but needs vinyl. May actually someday get around to doing the vinyl work, but I'm betting it will be another year until I get the time. Forgot I needed a second switch thrown in until after I dipped it, and of course, being clumsy, I let the dremel go and it knicked a good line in the side. Whoops. Wires for days Half finished end result Like I said, it would look a lot better in vinyl, but it gets the job done for now. So last week there was a discount tire sale on ebay ($100 off $400 plus $70 manufacturer rebate on select cooper tires), although not the best deal, I couldn't pass it up for some new tires. Old ones were worn in funny thanks to the previous owners driving it misaligned for 2+ years. Basically to drive straight the wheel has to be turned a quarter to the right (or quarter to the left if you rotate the tires lol). So... Cooper AT3s it is. 265/70 16s are going on. Only problem? I have only recieved two of the four tires because they're on backorder or something. Hopefully they'll be here next week. Going to do a little TT adjustment in the front after I get the snesa tracks on to hopefully get another inch or so of lift. Figure it's the perfect time because I'll need an alignment anyways. So that's where this is at. Hopefully will have a nice amount of updates as the week progresses.
  15. Update for the past few months and why I haven't updated: turned 25, got back into my other hobbies and started working out again, had other priorities and round the house projects happening, and so on (AKA Life). To my FB fools I'll reactivate my profile and hop back on in another week or so. ANyways... Found time to work on this project again. Of course when I went to go start, the explorer was dead. Haven't really gone to great lengths to diagnose the issue, but something OEM is staying on and draining the batteries. Killed the Kinetik in the back and I haven't gotten around to buying/deciding on a new one yet. Kind of banking on selling the M3 8s to pay for something nice/haven't felt the need to splurge on audio related shiz lately. Here's a nice photo of a mess of wires and me removing the rear dead batt: http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w283/slammedincouch/01%20Ford%20Explorer%20Build/20140715_190148_zps7locerml.jpg So I've had the box design for what? Almost a month and a half? I cut the wood and it's been sitting in the garage for a solid month... Because I'm finding less and less time for car audio nowadays, I figure this is probably going to be the last swap of new equipment in the explorer. Plan to trade it in by this time next year and get a newer f-150 (note the one on the right. Ever since that bish was added to the fleet of vehicles, I've fallen in love. Dat 2015 aluminum body is what my eyes are set on). So back on topic...I figured go big and heavy or go home with this box and so I glassed the living daylights out of not only the port, but the whole inside of the box. I decided to make this box look super ugly by using titebond II and sawdust on the outside instead of busting out the bondo to cover the screws and ran out of heavy build primer in the port (thought I had more, but I didn't and couldn't find time to get more. thus, port is about 1/8 painted). Original plan was to put the kicker on the side of the cargo area because it's too big to fit on the amp rack without rebuilding it. Well guess what? It's too friggin long to fit. My luck? Yuh. So onto the semi-false floor/platform Sup. Wood look familiar? Well it should. It's from that first DD eh build on the first page. Happy I saved it to chop up into something useable. Test fit and the point where I said to myself, "Hmm. Probably should have just walled it..." Got some beauty panels cut tonight and started running wires/finished the platform. Had to throw everything in the back real quick to get dinner and a movie in before it was too late, so box is off center. And that's where I'm at. If I can wake up by 1pm I can hopefully get things finished. Thought about tossing some 5050 LEDs that I've had sitting here for the past 3 years, but not really feeling it atm as the explorer looks like dookie. Things left to do to get her playing: - Put sub in enclosure - Screw some random stuff together - Pull a battery from the Malibu and put it in the amp rack for a few days to test things out - Wire amp - Tune amp Hoping to be loud as fuuu or I might just drive it off a cliff after all the time put in.