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  1. kr15

    Need help choosing a sub

    The hippo 8s are nice. The hds208 is a similar driver.. You could also consider b stock e8 v5s
  2. kr15

    Buck builds a single 15 box

    All my boxes are built with circular saw. Clamped guide and careful measurements ftw
  3. kr15

    Preorder your Orion SPLX woofers now!

    I believe some were tested in one of orions vans. 4 18s on like 40k did like 163 Inefficient wasted mass
  4. kr15

    Best SQL Woofers?

    I'll mix it up... IA Flatlyne
  5. kr15

    Rms mark.

    Assuming you are wiring to 1ohm, set VAC at 50
  6. kr15

    Box tuning

    Depends on listening habits. 40 is a little high unless you almost exclusively listen to rock, alternative etc. I find 35hz to be a good middle ground for a mix of genres
  7. Our 40ah headways are good for about 5k with minimal drop with decent alt. The tenergy needed to be 80ah for that performance
  8. We havent tried these yet. Weve tried tenergy and headway. Someone out here did just make a large bank tho. I'll let you know how it holds. I believe he has it on 2 dc 5k
  9. kr15

    Dowm4sound What is the beef with JP??

    Charging for demos Charging for his signature on product Acting high and mighty but never built any part of his install And being a PEDO
  10. Someone out here is making a 164ah bank. I'll follow up when i hear something
  11. Lol. If he woulda been more humble, 153 is an ok starting point. Ive seen worse....but no, he had to act like he was doing 165
  12. kr15

    Figured it's time for a change...

    My team is coming down for the SD show again.. i wont make it because i had prior engagements in Sac that weekend. But ill catch up with you at finals.