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  1. SmokedoutImpala

    Pick a Sub

    i would also suggest. ArcAudio,Memphis M series
  2. What is the best place online t purchase a 20ft F.O. Cable for my H701?? Im looking for a decent deal if anyone knows about good sites.
  3. SmokedoutImpala

    Two 12" subs with 3" coil or one 15" with 4" coil?

    i would go with 2 12's if you are lookin to go louder since there will be more cone area. Not to say that a 15 in the right enclosure with the right power wont get loud as well tho.
  4. SmokedoutImpala

    Sub Recommendation plz

    Look into Memphis,DC and Audioque
  5. SmokedoutImpala

    Best Street class + daily 12" sub?

    DD 3500's,Memphis Mojo's, DC also makes some nice subs. Fi and RE are some other reputable companies as well there are quite a few options
  6. SmokedoutImpala

    Need some help deciding on a nice 8" woofer

    Which one would be the best sub for the money and the amount of power that i will be running. Mind you Im going for SQ but I still want something with some decent output. Right now im runnin a single 4 ohm Mtx 5508
  7. SmokedoutImpala

    $1000 budget for a complete system!! help!!

    A 1000 dollar budget for a full install is going to be tough to get done but i can make some suggestions for you. I would go to Darvex.com or knukonceptz.com for wiring I would try Memphis PR for Rear Fill I would get Mb Quarts for the Front Stage I would suggest a Digital Designs loaded enclosure. Go to DDaudio.com i would suggest a Memphis Belle 5 Channel Amp it will run your whole system I would suggest Hushmat or Second Skin for sound dampening
  8. SmokedoutImpala


    Im with you bro. I have been using T-lines since i found out about them. They are sick ass enclosures and dont take alot of power to make them get loud. I have a single 8 in my Impala running off of a 100 watts and its really nasty for what it is I am thoroughly impressed
  9. SmokedoutImpala


    My friend jhmeg2 designs boxes and im sure if you talk to him he will design you a box for a small fee. If your curious look in the build log forum at my Tline build log and it will show you what he designed for my car for a single 8. Its labeled Smokedout08impala's Tline build
  10. SmokedoutImpala

    Recommendations for 8" Subs........

    Mtx also makes a 4500 series and a 5500 series 8" woofer they are not monstrous but their not that expensive and they sound good. I have a single 5508 in my 08 Impala LS running off of 100 watts and its in a Tline and it bangs hard its very clean and impressive
  11. SmokedoutImpala

    Lmfao (this is not mine) found on youtube...

    **** i bet this MoFo bass races in the 159.9 bass race class LOL
  12. SmokedoutImpala

    Window tinting

    Pay to have it professionally installed. It will look great and they will warranty their work that way if it peels,bubbles or F***s up for any reason that is due to the material failure.
  13. SmokedoutImpala

    HDC3-A vs DD2515?

    I would go with the HDC3 since your stuck between a 2512 and HDC3 because the HDC is definitely a beefier structure than the 2512
  14. SmokedoutImpala

    Smokedoutimpala's 8" SQ Tline build

    Yea they are very clean and pretty well priced for what they offer. I just like them because you get a single amp that will run an entire stock system so you have less S**T to wire up.
  15. SmokedoutImpala

    Smokedoutimpala's 8" SQ Tline build

    Can an Administrator please delete the other build logs that I created please i dont know why it posted so many times this BL is the only one taht is complete the others are not needed