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  1. finally done with phase 1 YouTube - ‪Finally Done with Teardown‬‎
  2. THE GOOD STUFF YouTube - ‪Major Bottom End Progress MUST WATCH‬‎
  3. ENGINE STAND FTW YouTube - ‪Engine Stand FINALLY‬‎
  4. A new vid. I got tired of bad lighting and tight spaces so I have decided to finish the build somewhere else. This is the vid: YouTube - 2 Motors and a car FTW
  5. YouTube - Firebird LT1 383 STROKER BUILD
  6. lol found out some very disturbing news about it that the seller "forgot" to add to the listing, including flooding and other bad circumstances. I was wondering why no one bit on the house. FTL
  7. Is it a real tight squeeze?
  8. Oh well I just figured that this would satisfy everyone and make it much simpler.
  9. lol I am doing drag radials maybe 10 inches in the back. I love that look.
  10. I know, the one that was running was not for sale at the time, but it worked out better in the end. Also Misfit suggested it so it is cool thanks for the heads up.
  11. EricR why are you dumping in my build? You obviously care to be the first one to respond. If you dont care, don't post maybe?
  12. Days after I put my cars up for sale, I saw a CL ad that had a 1994 Firebird Formula for sale for 1000 bucks. The motor was a LT1 :nerd:and it was said to have been blown. I offered to trade my running camaro for his non running firebird. We agreed on a straight trade. NOT EVEN 3 days later I found out it was the starter and head gasket. I put a starter in it and it ran smooth. So basically I paid 650 for a running Firebird Formula that needs about 500 bucks worth of work. (not including mods of course) FTW Another good thing about this build is that my mechanic wants my camaro roller and is willing to help me restore my Firebird for it. FTW Here are the vids (in order) of my build. YouTube - My firebird YouTube - firebird progress YouTube - Firebird Starter Results YouTube - Firebird update 7-23-2010 YouTube - New Firebird Update 7-29-2010 Newest vid YouTube - LT1 Rebuild 7-31-2010 update Please help me out by subscribing to my channel and commenting on my videos. It would really help me out.
  13. Ok I will put pics and vids in here from now on to cut down on the multiple threads. Now on to the build. I actually started off with a crappy black running 1994 Camaro I bought on CL for 650 bucks. A week later I bought another 1996 roller Camaro for 500 bucks. My original plan was to do a basic V6 motor swap. After going online to forums I was motivated to do a V8 swap. I thought about doing an LS1 but the engine by itself was about 3500 bucks and from my understanding an LS1 is very limited in what you can do in the mod department, so I looked at an LT1 swap. That motor was about 2000 bucks. After a log of pricing around and did not like the price so I decided to sell both cars.
  14. Burbanhunter

    Update vid today

    Will do
  15. Burbanhunter

    Update vid today

    Just a little update vid to show you all my progress. I will continue on to part 2 today so stay tuned and expect a vid today also. Yes I am the only one taking this motor apart so it is actually MY BUILD lol. Do me a favor and try to post the comments that you want to put on this forum to the actual video though if you all don't mind, and I have a link in the video for those who want to follow my progress and support what I am doing. Thanks for all the support. Link: YouTube - LT1 Rebuild 7-31-2010 update