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  1. Popwarhomie

    What direction is Sundown heading?

    He does everything and anything. He builds some really nice high temp coil SPL SA recones.
  2. Popwarhomie

    What direction is Sundown heading?

    Hit up Dave leib for a recone.
  3. Popwarhomie


    Holmes and Watson was so bad... I fell asleep....
  4. Popwarhomie

    Wiring under 1 ohm

    2.67 wtf why aren’t they giving straight up Parallel... Would be .67 parallel.
  5. Popwarhomie

    Wiring under 1 ohm

    That is incorrect. That would be for single 2 ohm woofers. 3 dual 4 ohm woofers would wire to 2.67 or 6 ohms.
  6. Popwarhomie

    Wiring under 1 ohm

    Well the price you are going to put into a 3rd subwoofer would pay for wood and screws to build a proper box... BTW how are you going to wire 3 D4s to .7?
  7. Popwarhomie

    Making subwoofer

  8. Popwarhomie


    The good neighbor on Netflix was surprising great. Crazy ending.
  9. Popwarhomie

    Budget 4 channel amp

    There were weekly post of those Chinese Soundqubed amps popping on their facebook group.
  10. Popwarhomie

    What song are you listening to right now?

  11. Popwarhomie

    Budget 4 channel amp

    I bought two Rockville 4 channels a few years ago to play with and was surprised at the power output of them for $99 each. They got very hot though.
  12. Popwarhomie

    Budget 4 channel amp

    https://www.walmart.com/ip/Dual-Electronics-XPR84D-2-1-High-Performance-Power-MOSFET-Class-D-Car-Amplifier-with-1-000-Watts-of-Dynamic-Peak-Power/137888849 These go on sale quite often for $72 and do rated power.
  13. Popwarhomie


    I randomly watched that one night and was surprised at how much I liked it. Great movie.
  14. Popwarhomie

    Add yourself to the map of CarAudio.com forum members

    I can't find LIGMA....
  15. Popwarhomie

    PRV amps

    I did a large build with 8 of their Brazilian line amps and liked them but still prefer Taramps. I wouldn't buy PRVs new ones though.