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  1. Popwarhomie

    Hdx3 18 bandpass design

    My buddy and I had 4 HDC3 15s sitting waiting for another build asked the owner if we could throw them in my buddies 6 15 4th order and he said sure. Did a 158.0 sealed with 4 in the 4th. But they do much better in a 6th. I put two of my HDC3 18s in my buddies 2 18" 6th order blow through and they did very nicely. Here is a shit video of the 6th order with 2 BTL 18s. IIRC it did a 54 on an Everest 5k.
  2. Popwarhomie

    Chicken breast or pork chops?

    I don't care for bbq sauce alot of times. It's too sweet to me.
  3. Popwarhomie

    Upgrading to bigger amps

    Prefab boxes are shit Sundown SAs sealed are shit
  4. Popwarhomie

    voltage drop?

    Like I have told you multiple times now. YOU ARE FINE.
  5. Popwarhomie

    Chicken breast or pork chops?

    Shicken with yum yum sauce.
  6. Kinda something you would have to see.
  7. Popwarhomie

    Ferrite magnets

    Alibaba is all I can think of. https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Large-Ferrite-Speaker-Ceramic-Magnet-for_60700039395.html?spm=a2700.details.maylikeexp.9.246145b5VSdBnV
  8. You don't know how to install a battery?
  9. Popwarhomie

    Been some time....

    Welcome back. Haven't seen Jim on here in a while.
  10. Wire to 2 ohms. Don't clip. End thread/
  11. Popwarhomie

    Ski Nautique system

    I have a 90 Ski Nautique with just a cheap single 10" subwoofer ported under the bow on an MB quart 5 channel running 2 JL audio wake tower speakers and 2 wet sounds interior speakers. Doesn't sound bad. I did upgrade to a larger alternator as well.