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  1. Popwarhomie

    Narrowed down my decision

    Always better to have more power than you need. Can set gains perfectly clean and still have headroom for impedance rise and voltage drop. I would do the Big 3 and run a nice AGM front battery at the least.
  2. Popwarhomie

    Narrowed down my decision

    Double the power for the same price. Amps are super reliable. I have had 6 of their amps and ran two of the 2200s at .25 ohm each for months no problem. They are tanks. $400 for 1200 watts is insane.
  3. Popwarhomie

    Narrowed down my decision

    I would go with SAs over the DCs personally. Didn't care for my LVL3s but loved my SAs. I would also pick up the Soundqubed 2200 for the same price as that DC 1200.
  4. Who would PM you asking for your help? You run stock electrical. You have never built a box You couldn't re glue a subwoofer surround. You run coaxial door speakers off headunit power. You keep giving advise to things you have ZERO experience with. You are a stay at home mom who smokes 4 packs a day yet complains about not being able to afford anything and yet your english and grammar is still horrible.
  5. I told you you would be better off getting the FU300 because you are probably getting 300 watts with your 1k amp after rise and on stock electrical.... Yet you continue to tell everyone you are putting 900rms to your subwoofer. I ran a f*****g Taramps T20k on two subwoofers. Did I claim they are getting 10k each? Nope not even close. Are you going to warranty subwoofers for these companies when the people you are telling they can handle double rated power blow theirs up?
  6. Popwarhomie

    Fuse on subwoofer terminal

    LMFAO. WHAT!?!!?!?
  7. Running a 1500 watt amp does not mean your subwoofer is seeing 1500 watts... Everyone and their sister claims they are putting double rated power to their subwoofer yet have NEVER clamped actual power.
  8. Popwarhomie

    Help Guys! - Choosing new Head Unit

    80prs but doesn't have front USB. The dual rear USB is much better in my option. Front looks terrible and very easy to break and have connection issues with loud setups. I use USB cables and keep my flash drives in my glovebox.
  9. His experience with giving his FU 750 311 watts. "bUt ThIs GuY sAiD hIs ToOk A 5k nO prObLeM."
  10. Yep. He has been telling everyone on Facebook the FU 750s will take 1500rms and the 300s will take 750.
  11. Popwarhomie

    What Brand Subwoofer is this?

    Motor reminds me of an Obsidian audio V2-V3.
  12. Popwarhomie

    amp recommendation

    Ive had the 1600 and two DSP3000s and love them. Fantastic little amps.
  13. Popwarhomie