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  1. Doing it on my Mac and Iphone.
  2. When clicking the view the next or previous page of a thread I just get a blank page.
  3. Popwarhomie

    I'm so happy!!!

    You do know thats CGI right?
  4. Popwarhomie

    shallow sub

    They are fantastic subs for sure. I was planning on running the SI HT 18 but they ran out of stock like a couple days before I went to order
  5. Popwarhomie

    shallow sub

    Thats MSRP. They are $240 shipped or $184 for a B stock. The SDv4 is coming soon.
  6. Skeet skeet skeet. ST gang. 😂
  7. Popwarhomie

    Twisted Sounds Amps?

    Twat did you say? I cunt hear you.
  8. Popwarhomie

    Twisted Sounds Amps?

    He did have some good meth.
  9. Wire ferrules will help. I personally have never used them but i've also never had an issue with wire being loose in an amp. Is the wire small compared to the terminal opening? I don't care for AGU fuse holders but it shouldn't make a difference with your issue. Just make sure the connections are tight on the fuse holder. They like to melt if not.
  10. You can find the short and repair it.
  11. Short in the wiring. Amp is fused for 100 amps and you have a 60 amp inline. (even though I doubt it will pull that) Do not put a larger fuse inline though. The CCA 4 gauge cant handle alot of amperage. You are running two basic 4 gauge kits? The KCA 1/0 kit would have been a better option honestly.
  12. Popwarhomie


    Im just half african american from my waist down.
  13. Popwarhomie


    français puant
  14. Popwarhomie


    Ahhh The V1. I have V2. lol
  15. Its been over a year. I think he's good..