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  1. Popwarhomie

    Long time no see.

    Welcome back.
  2. Popwarhomie

    High Quality Bass Music

    Here is all Dj Rustbigfattitties "VIP" tracks for free. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1JaD1jDZOqjApW482fHuWDF0JFyDuC6ke
  3. Popwarhomie

    Going active?

    https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-dsp-408-4x8-dsp-digital-signal-processor-for-home-and-car-audio--230-500?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIuJvT--6W3gIVDbCzCh1cegyHEAAYASAAEgIMYvD_BwE You could sell buy a used 80prs for that though. But depending on your goals an 80prs could be a better option or even one of the Pioneer 3 way active double dins.
  4. Popwarhomie

    Going active?

    Having 3 way active crossovers built in.
  5. Popwarhomie

    Going active?

    An active capable headunit or a nice DSP is what I would do. I love my 80prs headunits.
  6. Well that amp puts out 700 watts RMS at 1 ohm. After impedance rise you might be seeing 300 watts. I would buy the Wolfram 2400 thats for sale on here and upgrade your stock electrical. Buttttt What are your gain settings on the amp?
  7. Popwarhomie

    53 years young

  8. Popwarhomie

    Shit talker claims he has a 10000w system.

    Sad thing is his horrible shit gets more likes than mine..... 💩
  9. Popwarhomie

    Shit talker claims he has a 10000w system.

    Orian FTW. hahahahahha. I sent this to Tim Johnson and told him to handle his Orian people...
  10. Popwarhomie

    Shit talker claims he has a 10000w system.

    That ground! LMFAO!!!!
  11. Popwarhomie

    I need a cheap decent amp

    Taramps Bass1200 2 ohm. Taramps MD1800 2 ohm Taramps HD3000 2 ohm. Taramps DSP1600 2 ohm.
  12. Popwarhomie

    Sundown NSV4 vs PSI p5

    Sooo two PSI P3s or one NSV4 12? Cause $475 each vs $1000 each. Also apples to oranges.
  13. Popwarhomie

    need amp for mids and highs budget minded

  14. Popwarhomie

    Sq hds312 sq1250 clipping

    Box is way too small. SSF needs to be lowered. LPF needs to be raised Bass boost off
  15. Have you even been to a show and seen someone compete with mixed subwoofer sizes? Ive been going for 10 years now and have never seen anyone. Thats for a reason. Use the search feature here or even google "mixing subwoofer sizes" I also answered your alternator question. EA can make a 400 amp alt that will be more than enough to supply a 3500rms amp.