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  1. ahole-ic

    is it normal for amps to get warm

    I thoroughly read the TOS and rules prior to posting with them. If you can show me what I'm in violation of I will change it. I found nothing.
  2. ahole-ic

    is it normal for amps to get warm

    Some amps run hotter than others. As said previously low voltage will do it and so will cranking the gain. It may not be a cause for alarm but start watching your voltage closely and make sure you've set your gain properly.
  3. ahole-ic

    Do Want

    Haters gonna hate. It's not a very expensive amp. If you like the way it looks and love PPI don't let some people on a forum discourage you. Go for it.
  4. I don't know where that thread is, but 2 cubes after all displacement is good for that sub. 32hz is what most people recommend here. I personally go with 35hz and just a little bit larger port. The larger the port, the more output you will get at the box's peak freq. Unless you get crazy with it, there isn't much downside to doing this. If you want to build that exact box though, I'd be willing to guess you'll be happy with it.
  5. ahole-ic

    Can this be fixed?

    That concave thing that you think is the cone??? it's not. It's the dustcap. Peel that up to find a regular old rinky dink subwoofer beneath.
  6. ahole-ic

    what makes car speakers louder

    I was trolling the other day and got them all butthurt. I was just saying, if both amps are "budget" and you have to ask which one is "better" you shouldn't get either one.... because the real question is: I know these things aren't that great, but I'm trying to save money so which ***** the least? Nobody got that. They just got butthurt. Lol! Whatever. Not everyone has the good sense to save for something decent.
  7. ahole-ic

    what makes car speakers louder

    Lol he is a libtard.... one of our many village idiots. If you ignore him he will get the last word in and then go away.
  8. ahole-ic

    what makes car speakers louder

    Oh, if that's what he means.... A given amount of power put into a given loudspeaker has a specific MAXIMUM output at a given frequency and given distance from the cone. This maximum can never be realized due to the environment it is placed in. Cancellation will be introduced. It is for this purpose we put the loudspeaker into an enclosure at all. We are able to control the amount of cancellation and therefore make the output greater. This is what SPL builds are for. It's not so much adding more and more woofers and power, as it is reducing cancellation. This is how a few woofers dominate multiple woofers. It's all about reducing cancellation.
  9. ahole-ic

    what makes car speakers louder

    I think the acoustics of the vehicle make it inherently louder than home audio.... not so much the equipment.
  10. ahole-ic

    What makes a big motor subwoofer better?

    There is no single spec that can tell about a particular woofer. It's like saying that a vehicle with 500 horsepower will be fast. What if it weighs a ton and is geared low?
  11. ahole-ic

    BRZ1700 vs AP1800 and why

    They both ****. Just go with the one you can get the best price on.
  12. Did you have the leads on the output terminals or the input? Does your amplifier actually play where you can hear the woofer? If it does, it's putting out more than .4 volts. You're just measuring something wrong.