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    Speakers for 2010 impala

    Sorry about that, I left out vital info. It’s non-bose car and I plan on getting a 4ch. I listen to a bit of everything really, less country and rap though. Looking to stay around $200. This is a daily vehicle used d for commuting. I’m replacing the hu to modernize the car so I figured I should do speakers while I’m at it. I had planned on making spacers to fit some of the more popular drivers but I figured crutchfield numbers showed the maximum spaced depth before hitting the door panel. I guess I’m going to need to measure that one myself. Any recommended that fit the 0.8 in of space for the tweets?
  2. I’m looking to upgrade the speakers in my impala. My initial thought was a set of components but I’m eyeballing a pioneer mvh2400 which is an active hu. I started looking at different speakers but I’m trying to keep the stock look in both tweets and mids spots so I’m having issues finding ones to fit the areas. Here is the crutch field write up https://www.crutchfield.com/S-y039dk6PwJK/learn/2006-12-chevrolet-impala.html Depth is the main issue I’m running into. I was looking at ct2 tweets but wasn’t sure if the casing could be removed and the measurements of them caseless. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Brett