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    autotek 4000,2 mtx9500,mmats100hc,2 TS-W3004SPL, prs880
  1. irocwagon

    Subwoofer recone

    Gonna hit him up today
  2. irocwagon

    Subwoofer recone

    Www.fixmyspeaker.com isn’t taking any orders now. Dang
  3. irocwagon

    Subwoofer recone

    Looking for someone who can recone a set of TS-W5102SPL. One doesn’t read anything across the leads, the other reads proper ohms and plays fine. Any recommendations or just a boat anchor.
  4. irocwagon

    Mtx 1501

    Yep tried the medics, headed to caco
  5. irocwagon

    Mtx 1501

    No help. Guess I'll donate this one too
  6. irocwagon

    Mtx 1501

    I don't know if my search button is broke, and I've only found people who don't fix them.. is anyone still around that fix these amps. Plays but ground is loose and rca had a armature repair. It still seems to play fine but I want these two items fixed, I don't think it has any other damage but not 100% sure MTX 1501D has the led on top