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    autotek 4000,2 mtx9500,mmats100hc,2 TS-W3004SPL, prs880
  1. irocwagon

    American bas xr 12

    Looking for options. The budget is $900.00. 4 12s or 2 15s or 2 18s are needed. What is my best option. This is a daily ground pounder Some advice ice would be helpful.
  2. irocwagon

    2500-3k watts at 2ohm OR .5ohm..whats out there

    This^^^^ don’t do.
  3. irocwagon

    American bas xr 12

    Anyone had any experience with these. I know they’re suppose to be similar to the xfls, just suppose to be designed for better low bass
  4. irocwagon

    American bas xr 12

    Previously had 2 pioneer 5102 spl
  5. irocwagon

    American bas xr 12

    I’m planning on running 4 ab xr 12s in a ext cab 97 Chevy pickup. Amps are 2 Orion 2500.1dz. Has anyone had good results with these. Looking to tune around 28hz. Have 10.68 cubes to play with. Subs and port up.
  6. irocwagon

    Subwoofer recone

    Gonna hit him up today
  7. irocwagon

    Subwoofer recone

    Www.fixmyspeaker.com isn’t taking any orders now. Dang
  8. irocwagon

    Subwoofer recone

    Looking for someone who can recone a set of TS-W5102SPL. One doesn’t read anything across the leads, the other reads proper ohms and plays fine. Any recommendations or just a boat anchor.