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  1. TaylorFade

    My first "Active" "SQ'ish" build attempt.

    I don't recall exactly. But pretty sure they were < $200 for the pair. Quite reasonable for HAT. Also... Audible Physics makes a kick ass 2" but I couldn't find the link for it. About the same price as the HAT
  2. TaylorFade

    My first "Active" "SQ'ish" build attempt.

    https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/approx-2-fullrange/scanspeak-discovery-5f/8422t-01-2-full-range/ https://hybrid-audio.com/speakers/unity/u2/ I'm just guessing at the size. But either of those would be tits. I own both.
  3. TaylorFade

    My first "Active" "SQ'ish" build attempt.

    You've been given the most wonderful gift of a factory 3-way. Please use it. You have the processing already.
  4. BMW batts are beefy AF. They can certainly handle an extra 250w or so. You will be fine. I would get the little mono and not have to worry about bridging the 4 channel.
  5. The only ratio you should concern yourself with it the frequency response. Not a random front stage to substage power ratio. Besides... subs need way more power than fronts to be in balance anyway. How much power that is varies from app to app. Get the subs that you want in there with a bass knob. You can level match with the knob when you're feeling all "essque" and turn it up when you want to wang out. Factory Bose is actually pretty good, but you can do better when you're ready.
  6. TaylorFade

    Long time no see.

    Don't find the new posts button or stick around?
  7. TaylorFade

    Long time no see.

    Trying to get used to it. Lol. Took me a sec to find the "new posts" button and the layout. But I think I'll stick around.
  8. TaylorFade

    OEM Headunit to Aux

    Lose some. You don't need that many channels. If you MUST have that many speakers, some of them can share a channel.
  9. TaylorFade

    OEM Headunit to Aux

    Just get a DSP. Way easier and cheaper and the MUCH better option. The new Dayton is only 150 bucks.
  10. TaylorFade

    Active or Passive Setup

    Active. The answer is always active.
  11. TaylorFade

    Long time no see.

    How's forum life treating y'all? I miss it. In case y'all wondering what I've been up to, Skip01 and I started a podcast. Hopefully you guys will check it out. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWfYEluq2Q6ieBwEKWk_jpQ