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  1. TaylorFade

    Good headunit for $150

    Clarion cz702 But wtf? Looks like they discontinued it. The cz305 looks to have active crossovers. But crap EQ. It's only ~ $100 though.
  2. TaylorFade

    FS: Eclipse 7200 MKII w/IPC 106

    Back off! Lol Dibs and shit.
  3. TaylorFade

    Loudest No Wall Vehicle?

    I was just giving you shit since you eliminated all of the stupid loud vehicles.
  4. Yoooooooo!!!!!! I'm all up in the 225, bish
  5. TaylorFade

    Loudest No Wall Vehicle?

    Why not just say "Tahoe in the cargo area" then? Heath is for sure one of, if not the, loudest no wall street builds I know of. But it's an Explorer Alan Hall was doing 57-58 no sweat in a musical box in his Tahoe. Similar setup to yours.
  6. TaylorFade

    170db with 6.5s

    170 is no joke. I know because I've messed around with super port for a few years now. Not to discourage you, but I don't think you will get there without a dedicated port wars box. Or maybe a burp box with a lot of power. Cool build though.
  7. TaylorFade


  8. TaylorFade

    Z v.4 15" looking to go louder

    From my testing... Banda is no more efficient than a quality Korean. If you're looking for more output... You need more power, more displacement or more efficiency. Since it doesn't seem like you have the room for another sub or a bandpass... looks like you're going to have to add more power. Or you could try rebuilding to a "trunk wall"
  9. TaylorFade

    tline and tuning

    There is a reason it's "tuned" to Fs. So it needs to be designed around that. You can stuff the line or taper it to elongate the effective line length though. It's better to lose line area than length. You will lose a little output, but you will regain bandwidth.
  10. TaylorFade

    IA 20.1 vs soundqubed 2200.1

    You could toss the DD M2b/c in the mix too. You get clip indication and a voltmeter. Plus it's just an awesome amp. I have a little love affair with the 20.1, but I don't think they're worth the premium that comes with the Incriminator badge.
  11. TaylorFade

    no one seems to answer. shallow sub help

    There are shallow mounts in existence that rival the performance of their traditional counterparts. You just have to be willing to spend the money. I will agree that *if* you can get 8's firing forward that that is a better option than up or downfiring 12's.
  12. TaylorFade

    FSD 5k clamp

    How did you not measure it? It's extrapolated from the same two numbers you used to measure output.
  13. TaylorFade

    Single Sundown X 18 WALL Team GP

    Interesting concept tuning to music preference rather than for the subwoofer being used. Not unlike the way a burp box is designed. Because if you were actually building a "musically tuned" setup, you would design it for bandwidth based on the driver being used. You touched on the user listening to a wide variety of music... but you actually limited the range of music the enclosure can play with the tuning. It's peaking at 42hz because you manufactured a peak there with the tune (kinda like people do with a burp box). As evidenced by the model of 6.5cf with a "mid 30's tune" *Note the relative F3 of 34hz. If you want a peaky box, that's fine. And if the guy is happy with it, that's all that matters. But justifying the design by saying you didn't want to limit the music choices is nonsense. Also... don't you sell those SPL Labs meters? Why is it do far off of the TL? A whole dB is a rather significant disparity.
  14. I'm not sure that you can have *too much* port area... in theory. But in practice, the problem that arises is the length that it needs to be.