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  1. norcalbigbeto

    Fi Audio Q 12

  2. norcalbigbeto

    Fi Audio Q 12

    Is that price shipped?
  3. norcalbigbeto

    Fosgate t1500-bdcp and t400-2 like new

    Pm me price for both shipped to 95206
  4. norcalbigbeto

    FS: 2 SSA 15" icons

    Just subs
  5. norcalbigbeto

    FS: 2 SSA 15" icons

    How much shipped to 95206?
  6. norcalbigbeto

    Sound Quebed Q90.4 & Q1-1200D

    How much shipped to 95206?
  7. norcalbigbeto

    Sound Solutions Audio XCON 12" pair

    Interested in these subs. Local p/u price? Please pm me
  8. norcalbigbeto

    WTB A pair of Kicker SSMB8

    I got some but not new. Pm me if interested.
  9. norcalbigbeto

    Anyone get a iPad Mini and not like it?

    Don't think model with 3G has been released
  10. norcalbigbeto

    New Here Guy From CA

    What's up!
  11. If it was blah, blah, blah it would be mine. Great, lots of help to the seller. If it sounded like 4 18's and it was a 12 it would be mine. People are crazy!!!!!!!
  12. norcalbigbeto

    f/s monster cable 1/0 wire

    I'll take this. PayPal please