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  1. PPI_GUY

    JL or Alpine

    I'd look at the JL Audio RD400.4 or the XD400/4 amps. The main difference is the RD amps are unregulated. Lots of good reviews of them out there as well. .
  2. PPI_GUY

    boland audio

    They are indeed class D amps. However, the problems that have long been associated with class D topology are greatly diminished with Gallium Nitride FET's. Efficiency increases, distortion is reduced and the signal is purer. The application for this new technology won't stop with audiophile components. You'll eventually see manufacturers incorporating them into stock head units in upscale luxury autos to begin with. Class a/b has been around for a very long time. Then came class D. It's only reasonable to expect improvements with new technology and better production methods/materials as we move forward. The article I linked is a great read and not terribly long.
  3. PPI_GUY

    boland audio

    The fact is GaN FET amplifiers are coming. They'll become more common in home audio first and then make their way to car audio. 90% efficient car amplifiers do not exist AFAIK. You may get the occasional well thought out amp that is 80% efficient @ 4 ohm loads. But, with GaN FET's we're talking about 90-95% efficient with sound quality that rivals class A. You don't think that is significant? It's at least as important as the move from class a/b to class D that is the underlying subject of this thread. And ALL of car audio will benefit, including the SPL crowd where every last 1/10th of a watt is coveted and solid/stable electrical is vital. I can see a day in the not so distant future when aftermarket amplifiers the size of a cell phone will be capable of producing 1000 watts or maybe more. Which brings us back to the question of viability regarding class a/b amps like Bernie's.
  4. PPI_GUY

    boland audio

    Some home audio manufacturers are already incorporating them. I think Taramps may have released a car audio model using the GaN FET technology a year ago. Article was posted in late 2017 and says it may take a few years for consumers to start seeing them make their way to the market. You'll probably see them more commonly in the higher-end products first as the bigger companies have more money to dedicate to R&D. There is some cost associated with new tech. Hard to call scientific measurements "snake oil" when there are plenty of articles on GaN FET posted online if you do a search. Most all detail the benefits of gallium nitride as a superior material in construction of FET's.
  5. PPI_GUY

    boland audio

    BTW, here's a good read on the significance of GaN FET and how it will ultimately allow class D to equal or possibly surpass even class A amplifiers. https://audiophilereview.com/cd-dac-digital/why-well-soon-be-living-in-a-class-d-world.html
  6. PPI_GUY

    boland audio

    That's my biggest question with Bernie's amps. There's no doubt he's building very high quality stuff but, the future isn't with class a/b. It's going to be with super efficient class D amps utilizing GaN FET IC technology that will rival the highest level marquee SQ amps currently available. Plus, the trend seems to be amps with a smaller footprint not bigger. There may always be some small niches of car audio that refuse to embrace class D and that's fine but, it's hard for me to see a company surviving for years relying entirely on sales to that small group.
  7. PPI_GUY

    boland audio

    Yeah, he may have been involved with the early PPI's but, Bruce McMillian was the guy who headed up the design side of PPI from the early 90's till late 90's. A updated version of his R.I.P.S. technology found in the 2350DM amps would eventually make its way into JL Audio's "slash" series when he joined that company. He's still there today.
  8. PPI_GUY

    boland audio

    Bernie was behind the Orion HCCA amps. He didn't have anything to do with the "Art" series PPI amps.
  9. PPI_GUY

    Sq amps?

    Nothing wrong with Xtant but, they are no longer in business...at least at the level they once were. So, if you are using 90's or early 2000's models you may have some maintenance work to do on them. Certainly some of the best amps at the time they were new though. Someone mentioned Bernie Boland's amps and his gear definitely looks good and apparently Ryan or Dereck (BigD) will be doing some testing on a few models in the near future. As stated though, pricey. Another option for high-end SQ amps made here in the US is Tru Technology. They too are expensive. I've used some of their older Billet models and they do not disappoint. Their new Super Billet's in the piano black gloss finish are just about the sexiest amps I've ever seen IMO. Many levels of customer appointed upgrades are available from the factory (or later) as well.
  10. PPI_GUY

    Revised Soundstream TN4.900D Amp Dyno

    Oh it definitely happened. And not only did they downgrade the internals and continue to call the SS amp the same model but, their tech line is telling people there are no difference when obviously there is. As if that wasn't enough, now the PPI Phantom series (same internally as the original SS TN series) has been discontinued. So, exactly what is going on with Epsilon? IMO, several things possibly. 1.They are just basically transitioning over to Boss/Pyramid quality level stuff in order to make as much $$$ from the names as possible before gutting/selling/closing the brands down. 2. The company is in deep financial trouble and are cutting overhead costs by reducing quality in a effort to create wider margins. 3. They're just idiots who didn't think anyone would notice the old 'bait & switch'. Of course, a combination of all 3 scenarios is also possible. This is Epsilon we are talking about!
  11. As the title says I am looking for a Polk Audio PA D1000.1 mono amp in new or like-new condition. Please PM me with photos and condition of the amp, along with your best price including shipping to zip 42501.
  12. PPI_GUY

    We get the left overs?

    Wow! Is that really a MTX amp? They haven't been relevant in the US in years. Something like that would definitely make a statement. But, limited to the European market I guess?
  13. PPI_GUY

    More amp tests on deck... Opinions on more amps...

    Ryan, you might want to add either the JL Audio RD or JX series to your list. The RD seems to be very well received from those who have them, they have unregulated power supplies I believe. Not sure they fall into the "gem or bust" category but, might be interesting. A few others to consider would be MB Quart (supposedly the Maxxsonics flagship line), Audio Legion (formerly FSD), Kenwoor XR series, Cerwin Vega and maybe for shyts & giggles a Lanzar Vibe.
  14. PPI_GUY

    Orion monoblock

    They rated those old school amps at 12 volts because at that time you didn't see too many electrical systems, even in new vehicles, that needed over 13.2 volts. In fact, I have some old PPI ProMos amps that were tested by a car audio magazine (yeah, I'm old) to not drop power until their input voltage fell to 9.5 volts! Regulated power supply FTW!
  15. PPI_GUY


    I'm a little lacking on the whole SS/Human Reign history but, I think I read at some point that there were in fact 4 different versions. I may be wrong on that. And as far as the sculpted face on the chassis, it always made my think of something Michelangelo might create rather than the Necronomicon. But, an amp designed around the 'book of the dead' would probably sell well to the same people who buy SS amps with dime store spiders all over them.