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  1. sweety

    Box design help

    Thanks Shredder2, that port is going to eat up to much enclosure volume then my other option is to use a 4" pipe even though pvc pipe is costly here in the UK, if I wanted to tune to 35Hz I think the pipe needs to be 11.5-12" long ? but not sure what the enclosures volume would be using the pipe
  2. I'm planing on building a new box & was hoping someone could check over my plans to see if I have calculated it correctly. It's going to be a wedge shape so it fits up against the back seat so I get as much room in the trunk as possible the aim is for 1.9ft^3 & tuned to 35Hz Width 35" Height 15" Top panel 8" depth Base Panel 11.5" depth Port internal size (made from 3/4" MDF) 4" x 4" & 15" long Sub being used is an old JBL GT3 12" getting powered from a 220wRMS JBL amp I know this is probably simple maths to most of you but I suffered from meningitis 22 years ago & it wiped out some of my memory & am still relearning things
  3. sweety

    tuning adjusment???

    Port will be shorter not longer if your wanting to tune hiegher
  4. Not sure how well that seam sealer will work as a sound deadener as it's flexible
  5. I'm not enclosure designer by any means but looking at the spec's i'd say a 2.5FT^3 enclosure would be fine for them have a look on here *OFFICIAL* Free Ported Box Plans (56k NO!!) - Dodge SRT Forum
  6. Fantastic & many thanks as that should work out ok then if it's 2ft^3 & tuned to 33 Hz
  7. sweety

    obsidian 10v3 help

    Have a look at this *OFFICIAL* Free Ported Box Plans (56k NO!!) - Dodge SRT Forum sorry can't help with your other Q's
  8. Thanks for the help so far guy's, I've tried using winISD but just can't get past adding the driver spec's in as it never seems to save them:( maybe i'm just getting to old for this. I've had a go at trying to work it out on paper but not sure if i've worked it out right or not but here go's 32.5"wide x 16"high x 13"depth with a 2.5" slot port 37.75" long (down the centre of port) should give me a volume of 2.11ft^3 & tuned to just under 33Hz ?
  9. Even if the slot port width & total length of the port were the same ?
  10. Many thanks, i've used that a few time when building enclosures for myself & for my Son's last build 3x 12" subs in his old car & been happy with the results as i'm no enclosure designer but have only used round ports before but this time I think he's wanting a slot port which is harder for me to work out
  11. Cheers came across that last night, If I changed the depth & hight over (say the depth is 18" & hight is 14" & changed it to 14" depth & 18" hight) would the port tuning still be the same ?
  12. Hi guy's, could do with a little help on what would be the best size ported enclosure for a 12" Pioneer Ts-W305 sub spec's here = http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/pio/pe/images/portal/cit_11221/126763076TRD1215-A.pdf It states a 1.65ft^3 enclosure but am I right in thinking this is the min size the sub will work in ? I was guessing something like 2ft^3 enclosure might be better but i'm no enclosure designer by any means. The sub will be getting 480w RMS & prob tuned to 32Hz. This build is for my Son's Hyundai coupe S3 but he's not very good at woodwork so i've got the job of doing it. Any help or advise would be great Cheers Neil
  13. Got Cooper AT3's on my truck & have been pleased with them & they are wearing very well
  14. Cheers guy's for the advise, the cable is about 24" long from the amp to the sub