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    Box design help

    Thanks Shredder2, that port is going to eat up to much enclosure volume then my other option is to use a 4" pipe even though pvc pipe is costly here in the UK, if I wanted to tune to 35Hz I think the pipe needs to be 11.5-12" long ? but not sure what the enclosures volume would be using the pipe
  2. I'm planing on building a new box & was hoping someone could check over my plans to see if I have calculated it correctly. It's going to be a wedge shape so it fits up against the back seat so I get as much room in the trunk as possible the aim is for 1.9ft^3 & tuned to 35Hz Width 35" Height 15" Top panel 8" depth Base Panel 11.5" depth Port internal size (made from 3/4" MDF) 4" x 4" & 15" long Sub being used is an old JBL GT3 12" getting powered from a 220wRMS JBL amp I know this is probably simple maths to most of you but I suffered from meningitis 22 years ago & it wiped out some of my memory & am still relearning things