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  1. systematik

    Rockville Audio

    Theirs a video on YouTube BigDWiz channel doing dyno test on these amps.
  2. systematik

    Rockville Audio

    Their pro audio is not bad if your on a budget too.
  3. systematik

    1500 watts.....which sub?

    Check out the Crystal Audio cmpx2 15 on eBay nice 1600 watts rms sub.
  4. systematik

    How to shake buildings?

    Shaker brand enclosure with earthquake subs.
  5. systematik

    Polk mm1040 vs. kicker comp r

    Polk audio would be my pick
  6. systematik

    DC Sounds Testing Anyone? *Pics*

    Good job on the boxes Tuan cant wait for the meet.
  7. systematik

    So Cal Bass Team - Wanna join ???

    I'm down to join Tuan.
  8. systematik

    Sunday November 29th 2009 - Audio Meet

    Great event tuan cant wait for the next one.
  9. systematik

    Mysterious DC Sub?? *Pics*

    nice !!
  10. systematik

    Audioque 15" or T3 12"s

    Aq Hdc3 15 Ftw
  11. systematik


    just join the forum:)
  12. systematik

    Got Metered.. Mad!! Lol

    very nice work on the box man