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  1. Suicide Bobb

    Car battery question

    So for $2k, did it also come with a vibrator that directly connects to the alternator so the Hyundai guy could FUCK YOU IN THE ASS???
  2. Suicide Bobb

    earthquake pa-2075/pa-2050

    I believe those are only pictures of the 2075. I didn't find any of the 2050, although it looks much the same besides the loose transistor. As you can see, the solder is shiny and new. I also replaced some of the internal wire.
  3. Suicide Bobb

    earthquake pa-2075/pa-2050

  4. Suicide Bobb

    earthquake pa-2075/pa-2050

    These were mine, I de-soldered and re-soldered every single solder joint on the whole board. They both have basically pristine guts, save for one of the transistors on the 2050 which isn't attached. I don't know if I just didn't finish the job or what, it was like a year or two ago when I did the solder job (which took 2 weeks btw).
  5. Suicide Bobb

    Stereo King Portland/Gresham

    Since the last time I commented on them, they've definitely gone downhill...hired the wrong people I guess. It's worth making the trip to Streamline Audio in Vancouver to get the system installed right.
  6. Suicide Bobb

    Official Old School Collectors Thread

    They are pretty nice guts! Typical made in japan internals Yes, that is true! Yours is slightly better overall I can't believe I actually found something on the internet about this amp other than usedprice.com, let alone someone else who actually owns one!
  7. Suicide Bobb

    Official Old School Collectors Thread

    Timmy fell down the well???
  8. Suicide Bobb

    Official Old School Collectors Thread

    Holy shit! Would you believe I have the EXACT same amp also bnib and paid $50 for it too??? You need to sell me yours!
  9. Suicide Bobb

    FS: RE Audio RE Component Set (2005-ish)

    Get some pics with username and date, some more pics of the components, and confirmation on $75 shipped for everything. Put me at the top of your list of buyers. I'll check back later today, hopefully they don't sell before I do!
  10. Suicide Bobb

    install in the seattle area

    [quote name='Joseph7195']@Suicide Bobb; should be able to help.[/QUOTE] Nah, I'm 3 hours away from Seattle and don't have the time to do it. However, if the OP is in the Portland area and needs some spare speaker wire or cheap audio equipment, he should let me know! haha
  11. Suicide Bobb

    SPG555...how good is this OVAL sub??

    I think you should quit worrying about it at this point. You have the sub right? Why worry about the others now? Focus on saving up for an enclosure tailored the the t/s parameters of the Boston. It's cheaper if you can build it yourself, but that's not necessarily as easy as it sounds. Box building isn't for everyone, I personally hate doing it.
  12. Suicide Bobb

    SPG555...how good is this OVAL sub??

    Coil configuration is not correlated with driver quality
  13. Suicide Bobb

    SPG555...how good is this OVAL sub??

    Ignore the guy. Same thing has happened to me before. Don't let him guilt trip you into trading him back. A deal is a deal. I've done hundreds of craigslist deals (no exaggeration), and that's one of the things I learned in the process. Don't let things get personal.