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  1. Jay Biz

    Any Bassheads in Utah?

    Starting @ 9am. I don't know any details, I just saw the flyer. Boomin Stereo Competitions
  2. Jay Biz

    Any Bassheads in Utah?

    Saturday May 31st California Audio 4219 W 3500 S West Valley City, UT 84120
  3. Jay Biz

    is this correct to set gains on dmm

    WTF!!! THERES AN APP?? Why isn't this mentioned in every "how do I set my gains" question???
  4. Jay Biz

    Is obsidian made by Sundown?

    Similiar, huh? He didn't say the version, with that being said I may be disappointed when he tells me he doesn't know or it's not a v9 lol. I think I may take a stab at it tomorrow. Thanks guys
  5. Anybody know where I can get some. I called soundstream they won't sell them to me for bs reasons. Also didn't know they are affiliated with power acoustik.
  6. Jay Biz

    Is obsidian made by Sundown?

    I'm not a Sundown/Obsidian owner and have very little inside knowledge of these brands. There's a guy local on cl selling a 15 for 150. Good deal or nah? Of course I'm gonna low ball the hamfat off him.
  7. Jay Biz

    98 Accord Build

    Thanks, I just learned something.
  8. Jay Biz

    DVC to two channel amp

    Assuming sub has dual 4ohm, I would say the SAFEST way is to wire your sub in series to 8 ohms and bridge the amp.
  9. Jay Biz

    98 Accord Build

    I love seeing IB builds. Looks really clean. Just 1 question, are your grounds on the spare tire tiedown hump? Is that ideal to use?
  10. Jay Biz

    Android Tablet in Car?

    Soundstream makes one coming out this year. I don't know how great it's gonna be. But worth checking out
  11. Jay Biz

    34" subwoofer

    I would get this for a setup in my garage with my kenwood pullout.
  12. Jay Biz

    2 Soundqubed HDS312, 2 RE SR pro 12s, or 2 RE SRX 12

    Good choice but the hds312 are out of stock. I'm waiting on them myself
  13. I'm thinking did Best Buy put in a LOC instead of running RCA's to the hu?
  14. Jay Biz

    Will the hobby of car audio ever die?

    My passion of car audio started of for me was to be louder than my friends and then their friends. Now that I'm older (34) I appreciate my Sq and still a little spl. Everyone like different genres of music, and they all need their own equipment tailored. Until a stock car rolls off the line doing mid 40's, I'm not worried.