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  1. Ralph LaCivita

    Eclipse 8615.8 sealed box volume?/ mid bass

  2. Need help with an Eclipse 8615.8 sub box.  The install manual says.."designed with small sealed enclosures in mind.", but gave no "ideal" volume or size parameters other than "small".

    Could you help me get an acceptable volume range for the box?. 

    I'm using a JL 300/4 v3 for this sub and other two channels for mid bass (90Hz- 200Hz).

    some specs from manual:

    speaker size: 15"

    Fs: 22Hz

    Total driver Q(Qts):  0.71

    Vas: 9.57ft^3

    8 Ohms, 7.2 voice coil resistance (DCR)

    Xmax: 0.413"  

    200 watts rms

  3. Install manual for Eclipse only says subs like a small enclosure. Two Sundown Audio Neo Pro 8" @ 8 ohms, no manual. Are they free air? Better sq sealed?
  4. The install manual For Eclipse only says "..designed with small sealed enclosures in mind." Also have two Sundown Audio Neo Pro-8" @ 8ohm each., NO owners manual. Are they free air?
  5. How about a JL 300/4?

    1. Jeffdachef


      JL is fine, but you are literally paying more for less power, all you are doing is paying for the name brand. Reliability is the same for both companies and sound quality, the pioneer pulls ahead due to more headroom and power.

    2. Ralph LaCivita

      Ralph LaCivita

      thanks Jeff.  

  6. Ralph LaCivita

    need 4 channel amp for Focal K2 165 KRC

    The owner manual says the amp's max wattage should be the speakers RMS (80). Suggestions please. $400 max on the amp; not rich; Crutchfield had'em for $299 a pair last month.