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  1. sobe3yourself.

    one sub with 5kw, or two with 2.5kw a piece?

    You just laid out the pros and cons. Now you need to decide what you want.
  2. sobe3yourself.

    15" TC LMS-R Dual 2

    I can't fit anything in here. I had a hard time getting my 1.3 cu/ft enclosure in
  3. sobe3yourself.

    15" TC LMS-R Dual 2

    If only i could fit a box for this in my trunk...bump
  4. sobe3yourself.

    What happened to this place?

    wow this place is horrible now. first time on here in years too
  5. sobe3yourself.

    what size sub for rock?

    try running a sealed box with the 2 12s
  6. sobe3yourself.

    Minnie Mouse Bow watch/bracelet for GF

    @Imtjnotu if only i liked bruxie -___-
  7. Item description: I'm selling this bow/watch that I have no use for. Great present for Christmas or any occasion if you don't mind something slightly used Item condition: Slightly used. Look at pictures below Price:$105 shipped Contact Information: Email me at sobe3youself@yahoodotcom or pm me for text. Location: Orange, CA Item photos:
  8. sobe3yourself.

    Jl 10w6v2

    trade for a dayton ho 10? BNIB
  9. sobe3yourself.

    Any So-cal box builders

    i know someone
  10. sobe3yourself.

    Korean Cars

  11. sobe3yourself.

    new 15 inch subwoofers

    ohhhh. i havent been on here in a while. it got really boring for a while. looks like there is no shortage of idiots to entertain me now
  12. sobe3yourself.

    new 15 inch subwoofers

    what's wrong with driving a hyundai?
  13. this shouldnt happen. all i can think is that it's something with trucks. back when i had my silverado, i had a 0 gauge run to my amp which was wired to only do about 200 watts. i had stock alt and no big 3, but you wouldnt think you'd need it and i had pretty bad dimming.
  14. sobe3yourself.

    WTB Need for Speed Most Wanted for Xbox 360

    i have no idea, but i meant that i'd sell him my original game.