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  1. Bumpin' Goalie

    JL 300/2, 4202, Lorentz Neo

    JL 300/2 sold. Lorentz remaining.
  2. Bumpin' Goalie

    JL 300/2, 4202, Lorentz Neo

    MTX 4202 SOLD! 300/2 and Lorentz still up for grabs.
  3. Bumpin' Goalie

    JL 300/2, 4202, Lorentz Neo

  4. Bumpin' Goalie

    JL 300/2, 4202, Lorentz Neo

  5. Bumpin' Goalie

    Massive CK6

    And...SOLD! Thanks for all the interest.
  6. Bumpin' Goalie

    Massive CK6

    Plenty capable. If you wished to run active, they are easily crossed as low as 2-2.5k. Overall, very enjoyable set that never gave me any reason to look elsewhere within their price bracket. As far as offers are concerned, the price is pretty firm. I am flexible, but let's not get carried away.
  7. Bumpin' Goalie

    Massive CK6

    Yeah, these mids are killer. Simplified to a coaxial Imagine set. Returning the vehicle to stock for non-audio reasons. Very good price, too, if you ask me!
  8. Bumpin' Goalie

    JL 300/2, 4202, Lorentz Neo

    Product Brand & Model: 1) JL 300/2v1 in silver 2) MTX 4202 in chrome 3) Lorentz Audio SQ neo 8" (incredibly shallow) (Pics below upside down) Condition of all items: 1) Used. 100% working. Minor cosmetic flaws. 2) Used, great condition. 3) BNIB Total Price: : 1) $100 2) $65 3) $65 Shipping Terms: : Plus shipping (negotiable) Pictures: Additional info: Elephants are the only mammals that can't jump.
  9. Bumpin' Goalie

    Massive CK6

    Product Brand & Model: Massive Audio CK6 III Condition of all items: 100% working. Minor cosmetic blemishes around midwoofer mounting holes from use, slight adhesive residue on back of tweeter angle pods, otherwise like new. Original box, paperwork, hardware included. For those who haven't heard, outstanding low end mid range and mid bass, easily incorporated tweeter. Total Price: : $100 Shipping Terms: : Plus shipping (negotiable) Pictures: Additional info: Every time you lick a stamp, you're consuming 1/10 of a calorie.
  10. Bumpin' Goalie

    shallow mount woofers.

    No hands-on experience with it, but it's said to be incredibly linear and perform "as expected". In a sealed alignment, I wouldn't expect too much 35hz and under, but who cares?
  11. Sony Mobile ES XM 7557. Hard to beat in any aspect if you have space. Harder to find, but some out there. I'm running one in my daily. Not looking to sell, but if you can't find much else, I'll entertain offers. Also, there are a bunch of 5/6 channel amplifiers in the DIYmobileaudio classifieds along the lines of JL HD's, etc. Best wishes.
  12. Bumpin' Goalie

    shallow mount woofers.

    There's a button for that.
  13. Bumpin' Goalie

    shallow mount woofers.

    JL is coming out with a TW3 line projected for April or May. 15mm 1-way linear, 12" only 3.5" deep, wanting .75 cubic feet. 75-400 rated rms. Also, the JL W1v2's and the soon-released W1v3's are very shallow with no pole vent. Obviously the SI BM MKIII, too, but hard to find and higher pricing.
  14. Bumpin' Goalie

    JL Audio 12 and 10 w6

    Underwood, a price and proof of ownership in the form of username/date/item are required. I'm local to Nashville, let me know if you need any further help. Good luck.
  15. Bumpin' Goalie

    Skar IVX 15 or Sundown E-15?

    My primary concerns in winter are internal capacitors (amplifiers/source) etc. due to extreme cold and condensation. Every summer when I head south it's like waking up to a new vehicle.