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    Been into car audio for about half a decade now. Had alot of systems love trying new drivers like sql ground pounding setups. Always willing to learn see whats new. Also love VW's.
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    Long Island. NY
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    car audio, fast cars, SQL
  1. Brianyakno

    T&T Audio Up and comming subwoofer company

    Pierce Audio Products Forum • View topic - 2013 series 2k subs. Happy to see pierce audio products doing a good amount of OEM work. Their new 2k series does look good. I would say those are better than going for the chinese ones you initially chose. Definitely go with them they are a company I want to see sticking around.
  2. Brianyakno

    Loudest 2500 watt 12 in 2 cubes?

    fi btl n2? zcon? zv4? xlm2? axis, aluminum coil hdc3, tantric hdd might, um list keeps goin and goin gl man look around keep the power clean. at that power there are alot of nasty 15's btw
  3. BUMP for today only Fat Tuesday price of 150 shipped!! That's the price of a recone and basket alone let aloneyou get a kove motor and it's built plays perfect gets LOUD ---------- Post added at 02:32 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:31 PM ---------- And LOW
  4. 160 shipped! Who wants it? Bumppp bump ttt
  5. Monday bump 160 shipped! Yes for a still stiff mint American bass hd recone on a kove motor!!!
  6. BUMP 160 shipped best deal on here!!!!
  7. 160 shipped? Bottom dollar
  8. Brianyakno

    Custom Mojo 10s

    Willing to sell a motor?
  9. Bump for cheap daily sub. SQL
  10. Bump still here 170 shipped she needs to be fed some power