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  1. BIGJEFF64

    4 - 15" JL Audio W3 v2 Subs

    ouch 2.25 will be hard to get recones for them i dont think PSI even touches anything under a 3"
  2. BIGJEFF64

    wtt tsns 15

    I havent forgot about u I should have something here in the next day or so
  3. BIGJEFF64

    American Bass XFL 12"?

    They are great subs in any vehicle
  4. BIGJEFF64

    For Sale: NS-1 1st run

    trade for powerbass xta 5k and 2 american bass xfl 12's 1 old basket 1 new basket
  5. BIGJEFF64

    F/S MMats P2.5 15"

  6. BIGJEFF64

    Catman did steal my funds, and lied

    again hit the like button
  7. BIGJEFF64

    Catman did steal my funds, and lied

    wheres the fuckin like button for this post!!!!!
  8. BIGJEFF64

    wtb: xs d3400

    Not to thread jack but I'm lookin for 1 too. I will only consider after they have been turned down from OP
  9. Craigslist ad was lulz for sure
  10. BIGJEFF64

    F/S MMats P2.5 15"

    120 shipped and accepting trades
  11. IIRC a shop in FL who deals with DB drive said that if they get the modded chipset from DB drive they clamped it doin 2800 watts and i think 3200 at 16v. the shops name is T&E Audio in Ft. Pierce but i could be wrong
  12. BIGJEFF64

    my new box for a single xfl-1222

    I don't think that 3 Hz is gonna make a noticeable difference unless ur chasing tenths on the meter
  13. BIGJEFF64

    3500 watt 15

    quite a few people are running SSA and have been very successful this past year at SBN/INAC Finals. and u cant go wrong with the big 3 (FI, SSA, AA)
  14. BIGJEFF64

    F/S MMats P2.5 15"

    who needs a sub??
  15. BIGJEFF64

    Powerbass 5K

    no need u told me