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  1. Looking for a High Output Alternator for my 2002 4.0 Explorer. Preferably 220Amps+ Please reply with a pic, brand and price if you have one for sale.
  2. Been seeing this on CL. Who did the work? GLWS man
  3. Vehicle: 2002 Ford Explorer Subwoofers: 3x 12" Kicker CVX - 2cf each RMS: 750 each (will be running 2200RMS to all) Max Width: 43" Max Height: 24" Max Depth: 26" Tuned @: 34hz I appreciate it, Thank you for this!
  4. KJThaDon

    Box Frequency

    Good idea! I will do that, thanks. Anyone else know what it could be tuned to exactly?
  5. KJThaDon

    Box Frequency

    Errr. You think that's why it sounds half as loud as it should be on most songs lol
  6. KJThaDon

    New 6.5 speakers, need amp

    Thanks guys, I ended up going with this Kenwood. Still installing door speakers, but the 2 i have in so far sound great! Kenwood KAC-8405 720W Max, 4-Channel Performance Series Amplifier
  7. Can someone help me figure out what this box is tuned to? I have all the dimensions, but have no idea how to calculate the frequency. Material MDF: ¾" Outside Dimensions Width: 42 ⅛" Height: 16 ⅛" Depth: 26 ¾" Port Dimensions x3 Width: 12 ⅞" Height: 2" Depth: 21 ⅛"
  8. **** if you had them both still I would of picked them up
  9. KJThaDon

    New 6.5 speakers, need amp

    Sweet thanks ill check that one out tonight. What would be my ohm load if I have 4 of them, @2ohm each? 2 ohm? Only reason I picked that ssl is because it had good reviews and matched up well for the infintys. I would like to wire each speaker to its own channel on a 4 ch
  10. KJThaDon

    New 6.5 speakers, need amp

    Bump for bumpin
  11. KJThaDon

    New 6.5 speakers, need amp

    I am going to get 2 PAIRS of these speakers Amazon.com: Infinity Reference 6030cs 6.5-Inch 270-Watt Two-Way Component System: Car Electronics I need an amp to match up with them for power. Since they're 2ohm each, would 4 of them be a 2 ohm load to each channel on a 4ch amp like the picture below? [ATTACH=CONFIG]26542825[/ATTACH] Is this a good amp to go with them then? SoundStorm F4.400 (f4400) 400W RMS, Force Series 4-Channel Can someone give me some recommendations on a good amp to power these. Should I run new speaker wire to all doors, or just use the factory? Thanks
  12. KJThaDon

    Speaker Wire Melting

    So if I where to wire directly to the amp now, how could I do it? Would I just drill a hole in the terminal somewhere and run it through? Any issues with sound leaks or anything like that?
  13. KJThaDon

    Speaker Wire Melting

    Aren't those basically just like the ones I have? haha, I just bought some battery terminals off this seller last week. They're local too. Thanks
  14. KJThaDon

    Speaker Wire Melting

    Thanks, could you recommend a better connection?