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  1. Hey guys. I need some help with my Precision audio DSP-88, not sure if anyone here has experience with it. Problem I have is I’m using an output on the DSP to go into my mono amp and the signal seems to be really low, I can’t even see my sub move but I can hear faint music coming from it. I’m thinking I have some settings wrong for the channel I’m using for the amp but I’m not sure what to change as I really don’t know anything about DSP tuning. I turned the low pass filter on and put it down to the lowest setting. Still nothing. This setup I brought over from my last car and I had this issue there, I got around it by using a signal straight from the head unit into my mono amp. I want to avoid that here if possible. Mono amp is a Precision 1000.1. Car is a 2016 Mercedes C63. Hopefully this is enough info for someone to help me out. thanks