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  1. THATpurpleKUSH

    Classified Rules

    The rules are in the classifieds off the main page but when you click on the classifieds tab at the top there are no rules. However there is a button to create a new ad which filters your ad to the subsection that you choose. But the rules are never shown until after the ad is posted when you go back to look at the ad. Its just a loophole to go around built in protection steps.
  2. THATpurpleKUSH

    Budget 12" SQ Subwoofer

    Small sealed boxes often = high rolloff point (f3)
  3. All of the threads with the classified rules are gone. We need to clearly outline the rules so suspicious ads and ads in violation of the rules can be flagged and removed as necessary. I personally police the classifieds frequently but rules are needed for accountability and confidence in the system. Specifically I mean the classifieds tab.
  4. THATpurpleKUSH

    I'm so happy!!!

    I bet the local repair shops love you guys between the Dart and the Jeep. I used to have a 13 Dart with the 1.4T, so many problems, I'm glad i got rid of it. FCA products are absolute garbage these days.
  5. THATpurpleKUSH

    Rattle from subwoofer

    Yea the box looks good, I doubt that is the problem.
  6. THATpurpleKUSH

    Rattle from subwoofer

    Try hooking up a different amp or different subs or 1 sub at a time. Also try playing the subs free air. Doing all of those tests will narrow down where the issue is coming from. Just out of curiosity, what are the specs on the box?
  7. THATpurpleKUSH

    Rattle from subwoofer

    Check all the glue on the sub, FU subs are known to become unglued. Are the subs wired correctly? It sounds like one could be out of phase.
  8. I would flip the v shaped configuration around so there isn't a sub so close to the port.
  9. I have this problem when I try to click next page when I'm on my phone, I was just about to make a thread about it. It works ok when I'm on a pc.
  10. THATpurpleKUSH

    Single Sundown Sa12 rev 3

    Dont waste your money on Skar equipment.
  11. THATpurpleKUSH

    got box covered in vynil

    What's even funnier is that I didn't use anything close to the word ugly in that statement. Tide pods are for laundry, not for snacking.
  12. THATpurpleKUSH

    Autotek SMA1300.2 Amp Dyno

    It beat my guess, i figured about 160-180w. What a piece of shit though.
  13. THATpurpleKUSH

    I'm so happy!!!

    As far as the amps go I would do the R1200 mono and R250x4 for a total of about $370. Reinvest the savings into a T series sub or electrical system upgrades.
  14. THATpurpleKUSH

    shallow sub

    I'd be willing to bet there's a huge difference. but any modern diesel is going to have expensive maintenance because of all the emissions controls. If you remove the emissions controls, the engine will only run as good as the quality of the tune so you want to have a reputable tune. I'm guessing you have some sort of an Opel diesel, which I don't know a lot about.
  15. Sounds to me like answer to OP's problem lies within the understanding of ohm's law.