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  1. I had a pair of S12s but they were the 300w rms older generation. I put them in 3.7cf tuned around 38hz. I never heard them in a car, just hooked up to my ht. They sounded fairly good and kept up with ska and they weren't too boomy with rap.
  2. THATpurpleKUSH

    Random Picture Thread

    Its a waterproofing agent of some sort. My parents house has it too but its only on the part underground. Their house was built 28yrs ago, I'm pretty sure all new houses have some variation of it.
  3. THATpurpleKUSH

    Random Picture Thread

    Ima take this opportunity to whore out my house
  4. THATpurpleKUSH

    I have a 500/1 JL amp: 10w7 or 12w7 (underpowered)

    Who bumps a 12 year old thread with herp derp advice?
  5. THATpurpleKUSH

    Car DSP 6CH in to 8CH out,does anyone need it?

    Judging by the fragmented and unprofessional english in OP's posts I'm guessing this is a foreign product, probabry from China.
  6. THATpurpleKUSH

    New sundown SA 12

    Not a stamped basket, its cast aluminum. Mounting depth shouldn't change more than a fraction of an inch.
  7. Downfiring in a truck usually yields the opposite of killer bass.
  8. THATpurpleKUSH

    Sundown vs DD

    The DD redline 500 series was just redesigned and they cost about the same as the Sundown Es. I would take a DD 512 over a Sundown E.
  9. THATpurpleKUSH

    This makes no sense

    This will make the brodozer crowds micropeens hard.
  10. THATpurpleKUSH

    Random Picture Thread

    Steel reserve = reconstitued vomit, piss, shit and jizz.
  11. THATpurpleKUSH

    New sundown SA 12

    Such a shame its made in China but they charge a premium for it.
  12. THATpurpleKUSH

    New sundown SA 12

    Will they add cooling holes in the basket? Made in China?
  13. THATpurpleKUSH

    New show to watch

    Big Mouth valentimes episode was good, Letterkenney valentimes episode was good too.
  14. THATpurpleKUSH

    Line regulation

    Load regulation is how much jizz comes out, line regulation is how accurate you can shoot the jizz into the hoe's eye.
  15. THATpurpleKUSH

    Which amp preferred

    What about strapping 2 HCCA 5ks? If you compete you want as much power as possible. The 8k would come up a little short after impedance rise. Maybe even look into Taramps, those make big power relative to their cost and size.