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  1. The box turned out great and good job with the wiring and keeping it clean.
  2. I had the Teriyaki version of that stuff about 9 months ago, it was awful. I ended up throwing it away because it was that bad. The best jerky I've ever had was some homemade stuff from a tiny liquor store off the first exit when you cross the Mackinaw bridge into the upper peninsula (Michigan)
  3. It all depends on the enclosure you use and how that enclosure reacts within the listening environment.
  4. What size alternator and battery reserve does the boat have? Does it have a generator or shore power?
  5. I love my Sirius xm but i get it for free lol. If I had to pay I wouldn't be willing to pay more than $10/mo.
  6. The only Diamond subs that were close to being impressive were the old D3s. They put up good spl #s while sounding close to a JL W6.
  7. They must be trying to cater to retards like everyone else these days. Sonic had a few low end Diamond subs show up a few months ago but they are way over priced for what they are.
  8. Where is the amp grounded to? Make sure all of the connections are tight. What is the voltage at the power input of the amp when its shutting off?
  9. You guys seem to have this: Confused with this:
  10. Then you're doing it wrong and the chick has a flat white girl ass. Assuming you bang chicks....
  11. Most likely. Flat asses hurt when you're hitting it doggy style plus you don't have the ability to get the momentum of the ass in motion so you have to do more work. Can't see what her face looks like so for all we know it could be a butter face.
  12. I wire overkill so I will always say go with the biggest wire you can get. Based on the current draw of the amps you are using I'd say do 0ga to a distro block then 4ga to the sub amp and 8ga to the mids and highs amp.
  13. Flat butt and tits.......hard pass