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  1. THATpurpleKUSH

    Need help deciding on (2) 10s & enclosure

    Theres would be no truck left after the pups hit the first note.
  2. THATpurpleKUSH

    need to replace my busted rsd10

    Sundown E10, Infinity Ref1070 or Cerwin Vega V series with the red surround.
  3. THATpurpleKUSH

    Has anyone bought B Stock from Cab?

    Yep, many people buy from CAB. They have very fast shipping.
  4. THATpurpleKUSH

    Enclosure viewing window

    Plexi is the way to go for speaker boxes. Glass is too brittle.
  5. THATpurpleKUSH

    Lanzar Opti 1400D Amp Dyno

    Wow those are better numbers than I was expecting. Pretty good value for a well built Korean, they are in the low $160s on Amazon now.
  6. THATpurpleKUSH

    Subwoofer help Please!

    Naw there are plenty of good companies out there, you just have to be an educated consumer.
  7. THATpurpleKUSH

    Got my JBL GTR-1001

    Keep the filter on the amp all the way open and use the filter on the headunit. Using both yields a steeper slope and it won't blend as well.
  8. THATpurpleKUSH

    Subwoofer help Please!

    I stand up for what I believe in so I'm picky about where I spend my money. Its a shame that most people only care about a price tag and not the integrity and moral compass of the business they are supporting.
  9. THATpurpleKUSH

    Subwoofer help Please!

    I could care less about the product, its a matter of principle about the founder of the company getting pushed out.
  10. THATpurpleKUSH

    Subwoofer help Please!

    More like FTL after the Powerbass buyout and Eric Stephens was pushed out of the company he founded. Fuck ID equipment post Stephens era.
  11. THATpurpleKUSH

    Volume of Wall enclosure. 97 accord coupe

    Break the measurements down to smaller shapes and add up each individual shape to get a total.
  12. THATpurpleKUSH

    Subwoofer help Please!

    The new Infinity Reference or Kappa series or Dayton HO series would be a good starting point.
  13. THATpurpleKUSH

    Budget 12" SQ Subwoofer

    Rebuilding the box to something better suited to your listening goals should be step 1. If you still don't like it then upgrade the sub. If you switch to a sealed box you will loose a ton of output especially below 50hz which is 90% of the spectrum.
  14. THATpurpleKUSH

    Budget 12" SQ Subwoofer

    I would rebuild the box for your current sub first. 37hz is way too high of a tune for sq. That sub should sound a lot better tuned to 28-30hz. Airspace should stay around 1.6-1.8 cf.
  15. THATpurpleKUSH

    Need help choosing a sub

    American bass xd844, $66 and change at the ssa store. The cerwin vega 8s with the red surrounds model up well and have a low fs, those would be a good choice too.