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  1. Lmao gramps thinks hes a box designer now? What a fuckin joke 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不
  2. THATpurpleKUSH

    Orion HCCA5000.1D SPLX Guts!

    Its pretty much an 8k board with 5k stamped on it if I'm remembering BigDWiz's vid correctly.
  3. THATpurpleKUSH

    crossfire amp repair

  4. THATpurpleKUSH

    My first 10" subwoofer

    So if the 1.4cf is correct then its tuned to about 34hz. Airflow through the port is choked and turbulent with all of those bends but you have 1/5 the cone area of those 15s so there's going to be a difference in output.
  5. THATpurpleKUSH

    How's Digital Designs doing in 2018?

    I enjoy reading the tech talk section on DD's site. There are some good topics covered, they even used one of the questions I asked for their topic of discussion. I'm not aware of other companies that actively reach out to their customer base and encourage technical discussions on their site (excluding vendors on forums or facefuck.)
  6. THATpurpleKUSH

    My first 10" subwoofer

    Doesnt look like 32 inches of port length to me. The tune would be higher if you made the box smaller without extending the port. The high tune and using a skar sub are whats most likely making it sound crappy.
  7. THATpurpleKUSH


    Boxes smaller than 1cf will play flatter across the spectrum, boxes above 1cf will have a pronounced hump in the response at 30hz, the bigger the box the more pronounced peak at 30
  8. THATpurpleKUSH

    8inch dilemma

    What is your budget and how many subs? Cone area is important if you want good lows, I would do 4 8s.
  9. THATpurpleKUSH

    Jbl sale?

    The Nigerian Prince thanks you for your credit card information.
  10. THATpurpleKUSH


    What driver are you referring to?
  11. What kind of vehicle? What upgrades have been done to the electrical system? And what is your budget?
  12. THATpurpleKUSH

    8inch dilemma

    Sealed boxes do not hit lows. Terrible idea to go sealed.
  13. THATpurpleKUSH

    1/4 wave t-line

    You would be fine to invert it. Sub displacement isn't really important for t lines.
  14. THATpurpleKUSH

    DC Audio Lv3

    Do your backseats fold down?